IRIS upgrade project

In order to satisfy my bloodlust for the Inspire 1, at least temporarily, I've decided to try and maximize the performance of my IRIS+ w/ Tarot 2D and GoPro, especially for video and photo. I have the following upgrades to make and thought it might be useful to post the process and results here as I go.

  • GPS/Compass: install a Ublox GPS + Compass Module with mast as a new primary GPS, retaining the existing internal GPS as a secondary source. I'll have a very similar mount to this. My current model is the + upgrade kit on the original IRIS, with the original covers and configuration.
  • GoPro lens filters: I'll test all three of the filters here. I have high hopes for these, although I might need to make some adjustments for the filters to fit all the way on the lens despite the blue Tarot bracket. I'm especially excited to see if I can get some decent nighttime shots with my basic GoPro.
  • FPV: The hit-or-miss aspect of flying photos and video without FPV and trying to frame shots at a distance with little depth perception is a fun and useful learning experience, but at this point I'd like more reliable outcomes. There's a very reasonable looking kit from Helipal here. With a splitter I'll power it off the gimbal power source exactly like the LiveView system does.
  • Gimbal Dampers: I've read that the Tarot rubber dampers on the 2D gimbal are not ideal, so I'll try a couple stiffer replacements, especially with the added filter weight and FPV cables.

The idea is to get the low-hanging fruit first, so I'm sticking with my existing GoPro Hero 3 White and the Tarot 2D for now to see what I can get out of it before I consider a camera upgrade or 3D gimbal. If you have any experience with these modifications, I'd love to hear about your results.

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    • Hey Justin,

      I couldn't find any either.  I bought 3 sets of various weight dampers from HobbyKing a while back but they do not fit the Tarot.  So I sent a couple of bucks to an online resellers for a set of dampers for a Zenmuse gimbal.  I am not sure they will fit but I won't be out a lot if they don't and on to smoother video if they do!

  • Some folks are having success swapping out the Tarot gimbal for a compression style.

    Ian (the owner of this store) designed his own gimbal adapter and shaved some weight and then designed a compression style gimbal so that instead of hanging by the dampeners it reverses that and compresses them.  I think that it does what you mention that you're looking for - stiffens up the dampeners a bit.

    Anyway, it's just a thought.


    • Thanks, I was just looking at that site yesterday. I'm going to hold off on the gimbal until I see what happens with the rest of the mods, but definitely something to consider.

      Some cool retractable landing gear for the IRIS on that site too. I love the product pictures in his mom's kitchen or whatever.

    • I've got his "stealth" retracts.  I special ordered a stubby version that are only about 3 1/2" tall.  I don't fly with a gimbal on mine so I didn't need the longer ones.

      From experience, all 3d printed parts are not made of the same quality.  Ian produces some high quality parts and is very anal about what comes out of his shop.


    • Great to know, thanks.


    • After hours of research, this YouTube video is what put me over the top on the Inspire. I mean...

    • just get the new 3DR SOLO!

    • WOW.... AWWWESOME!!

    • Yeah, and its also more exspensive.
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