Landing drone flips over and will not turn off?

Landing RTL drone flips over ( stupid mole hill, or grass) and will not turn off. This happened to me on a landing a few times. The device will flip over and continues running, I cannot shut it off.  I use down to the left, no dice in any mode. It finally killed itself. Is there a way to program a death switch? The last time it ate up a pair of blades.

I have had this happen a few times, on 2 separate drones. 

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  • I've noticed that following a flip over, the aircraft seems to continue flipping over on subsequent take off attempts, as if it's trying to resume its previous position. I've started disconnecting and reconnecting the battery if I have a flip over. Don't know if that's really necessary, but I haven't had a flip over take off since I started doing that.

  • Looks like they took us seriously.

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  • Make sure you lower your throttle to 0 when initiating RTH or Auto Land and let the flight controller shut the motors down.  When you move the stick down and to the left, especially on unlevel ground, the copter thinks it's still flying and tries to yaw left causing the flip.

  • I have a homemade quad that is similar in shape and size to the IRIS with landing gear made of carbon fiber rods and powered by the iris. The only difference is that mine is an x configuration and has arms of the same length. My quad when landing always enters ground effect, slows decent, touches down, then lifts back off and moves sideways before tipping over. The decent rate to me has been at a lower value for a long time and should have cut the motors to idle or off. 

    If my .bin files would be beneficial in helping with this problem I can post them to the group. As of now I switch to stabilize with the throttle at idle about a foot above the ground and let it plop. 

    • I am seeing the very same landing problems that have only come back (they existed is aome v2 FW) since 3.2.1

      FW 3.1.5 does not do this.

      Isn't anyone else seeing this bounce on landing?

    • I have had a fair bit of this lately but only after MP updated to 1.3.32 recently with FW 3.2.1

      I been having bouncing and tipping till the props hit... a few times I experienced the props spin up as well before the pixhawk works out it is crashed. I thought it my fault as I have been trying to get my retractable legs to work. I went to Beta version and FW3.3 and then back to FW3.2.1 and was getting weird things happening like erratic flying and when I turned down the sensitivity but nothing worked seemed to change the setting.

      After breaking my brand new carbon leg and now pissed... I completely removed MP and deleted the DIR. I then found MP ver 1.3.25, installed FW 3.2.1 again and calibrated... at this point I had a rock solid flying machine with perfect landing.

      Over coming my tears of broken carbon, I then updated MP to 1.3.32 again and although I can fly stableish and land with just a few bounces... this is just the start... creating missions and upload is problematic, I get periods it hangs them later pop up windows of something I was trying to access minets before. Sometimes when I try to connect it just pauses getting setting from the Hexa, eventually I crash out of MP and restart and it's fine again.

      MP 1.3.32 is a mess for me ATM. I don't understand what is sent from MP to the copter but with the same FW I am getting 2 very different craft to fly with different ver of MP.

    • I have seen mine land and then the motors spin faster before it figures out its on the ground. I can imagine with more power it would bounce. I've taken to simply putting the throttle at zero in stab once on the ground and leaving it until it auto disarms. Sometimes you can tell its figured it out, but it would be really nice if there was a beep or something to indicate when that happens.

  • Personally 'Kill Switch' sounds scary, I would never load it on my Ch7 because if I accidentally flipped in in error and I was over the water or far away its game over....RTL is fantastic to get back if its lost out of sight or fpv went out of range, it has saved me many times with fpv over the woods when lost landmarks.   I use RTL in ever waypoint mission to ensure I always comes home when mission done, but about 10-20 feet above before touchdown I always flip on Stab or Pos Hold (be sure your mid stick) to put it exactly where I want it.  Both my NAZA and APM have bounced on occasion and its just not worth leaving it up to the computer unless its an emergency like my controller batteries died or I feel asleep during a long mission again ;-)

    • Relying completely on GPS can cause problems if the GPS does not work anymore ;)

      During my traditional helicopter days it was good habit to have one finger constantly on "throttle cut" if some stick movements went wrong and the vehicle was "out of control" switching of the motor and resetting the pitch back to 0° ensured that repair costs staid usually under 100€. Imaging a T-Rex 600 hitting the ground with full speed on the rotor - it usually blows up from main shaft to the tail rotor.

      So I would be more tahn happy to activly down my vehicle if I am out of control, the FC is out of controll also and the thing is flying towars a group of peaple or a busy highway 



    • If accidentally flipped, you can turn the motors back on instantly.  As long as you have a little altitude it will recover.

      RC Helis have operated using switches like this since forever.

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