New IRIS - Broken Telemetry Antenna

  Hi All,

I recently purchased a new IRIS.  When I received the unit the telemetry antenna was loose and wobbled about freely.  I assumed this was designed to give it flexibility and freedom of motion.

I flew the IRIS approximately 3 times before today (with no real hard landings to mention).

Today I performed my first autopilot mission using telemetry.  The first waypoint was reached successfully and was on its way to the second when I lost telemetry connection on laptop.  I started to bring the unit back by RC and when I got it close, I saw the antenna fall to the ground.  After a few minutes of searching the tall grass I found the broken piece.

My question is: Is this something I can repair?  I've attached a photo for feedback.  Has anyone else experienced the wobbly antenna and if so is there a way to "harden" the connection to prevent this type of failure in the future?  If unfixable can I order just this one piece and if so how will I "reunite" or pair it with the other receiver?

Thanks so much for any suggestions as I'm anxious to move forward with testing.



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  • Yes, I would also call the antenna / telemetry module placement a design issue.Ideally the antenna should point downwards, so that during a flip at takeoff/landing the quad doesn't land on the antenna and damage it. 

    Also right now it's not possible to easily tighten the antenna without removing the top shelf. 

    After having had to replace my telemetry module myself  I have documented my personal fix here:

    • Good option!  I was flying with it straight out backwards, but I like the idea of tucking it in by the arms.

      Hitting the prop was my concern with having it sideways.   I may tie it down so it doesn't get loose.

    • @Christian we can see on your photography long legs directly fixed under the motors.The best way to protect the antenna would be not to flip. Is this configuration more stable ? Where did you found those legs ? 

    • These are 3D printed legs that I purchased from a vendor in Germany. Not only do all 4 leg weight as much as 1 of the stock 3DR legs, but they make IRIS indeed much more stable. I have never flipped my IRIS with these legs.

      Have a look at for more infos.

  • Hi, little bit OT, but what range for telemetry you get? I am struggling to get over 100m with 433mhz version on Power (dBm) level 11. Is it ok or something is wrong?

  • 3D Robotics

    Hi Michael, 

    Please open a ticket with our support at  We can help you out.  :)

  • Thanks for all the great feedback, this is such an awesome forum!

    3DR is being very helpful in resolving this issue and I look forward to getting back in the air soon, albeit without the wobbly antenna!

    Cheers!  mb

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    • Can you clarify what the PCB and SMA are using the picture as a guide?

      THANK YOU!

  • I too had issues with the antenna.  Mine was not broken but was defective (would only work for about 10 ft).  I would contact 3D Robotics and see about a replacement.  They were really good to me after going through some troubleshooting steps.

    Worst case you can purchase a new one for around $50 or both for less than $100 and replace it yourself.  You can change the internal IDs in Mission planner to pair the new one with the old.

    This does appear to be a design issue with the IRIS, I noticed how weak this joint was when I was going through troubleshooting my antenna.  There are a number of issues, but they will be addressed when the second generation is released as long as we continue to provide feedback (this is the life of product development).

    Good luck and happy flying!

  • I ve got the same problem.  There are design issues with the IRIS. I do own 2 Iris, one with short legs and one with the long + a gimball. I've broken the antenna and re-soldered and re-broken... I feel this antenna should be internal like the remote control or may be embedded in the arms. I would be interested to buy the internal piece and proceed to peering, please keep me updated if you find a solution.

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