• Hey Chris why not instead of selling parts off .. why not find a local guy with a heavy lifter Hex or Octo .. to not drop a hook line, but rather hook on to it and lift it down ?  I have done this before with a mates 3DR Y6 stuck in a tree.

  • Chris,

    I'd be very interested in what IRIS+ parts you have and what your prices would be.

    Please contact me at ellerd<at>charter<dot>net



  • email me at and let me know what all you have?

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      @David, a comment about sharing email addresses on the web.  

      Web crawlers actively mine addresses that are displayed in a form such as you have above (especially active links). 

      This is why many users will spell out the @ or the DOT portions of the address.

      This way you do not leave yourself open to increased spam.

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    • Dax someone sent me your files for the iris for the taranis plus transmitter! I want to thank you for all your work!, Sadly my new taranis plus will not let me upgrade it or download any eeproms to it!, I contacted the dealer who I purchased it from and he tried to get it working remotely from his PC but it would not recognize the taranis! we even downloaded the usb driver download and still nothing!. so it looks like I am going to have to ship it back to him to fix the problem!!!   could you please tell me what music do you have on the amber sound file?

    • Dax,
        Great video. I need to reach out to my local group. It would make a nice rescue video. My other thought is to go up next tropical storm and watch for it to blow off and try to catch it.

  • Hi Chris M,

    Please get in touch. I might be interested in the Iris gear you would like to sell.

    Joe Homer (Coastwise)
    (401)965 5255
    • Joe,

        I have the wheeled hard case,  new shell,  new 2 black/1 blue arm, 6 propellers, 2 batteries, 3DR Radio and charger. Let me know if your interested.

    • Interested in the shell, batteries, and propellers.

      You can email me or pm me through the site.
    • vf171ohio "at" yahoo "dot" com
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