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  • @Janelle,

    It doesn't work that way with ArduPlane codebase. Serial Monitor is meant for data with USB attached at 115200bps baud rate. With telemetry, it is only restricted for data in flight (e.g. via MavLINK) and you will see some junk values when using Telemetry. You can change the code however, to display the result on the serial monitor with Telemetry, but I will not do that if it were me.

  • Hey, I was hoping someone could give me some advice. I've been using the arduplane code within arduino and its been working well. However, when I try to see the sensor outputs through serial monitor it doesnt work through telemetry. we've tried adjusting the baud rate to no avail. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Randy,

    I figured, since I read

    "Building for ArduPilot Mega 2.x
    Excluding arduino core from include paths
    Excluding arduino core from link"

    during compiling process.

    What a pity!

    Thanks for your answer

  • Developer

    @Anderl re "is it possible to upload AC-3.0.1 using standard arduino?" I'm afraid the answer is 'no'.  The reason is that between 2.9.1b and 3.0.1 we added the hardware-abstraction-layer in order to be able to run the same code on the PX4.  The standard Arduino IDE can't deal with HAL so we had to make a modified version.

  • Hi all,

    Till Arducopter V2.9.1 I was able to programming my APM2.5 using Arduino IDE (standard Arduino IDE 1.0.1, not Arduino IDE for Arducopter). It was necessary to edit the APM_Config file by adding "#define CONFIG_APM_HARDWARE APM_HARDWARE_APM2". But yet, ab V3.0 I'm unable to compile the code. Now, to achieve this, I have to use necessarily the Arduino IDE for arducopter and select the appropiate HAL board.

    Question: There is a way to program the APM 2.5 using the standard Arduino IDE? If yes, how should I proceed to specify in code which board is going to be programmed? (CONFIG_HAL_BOARD == HAL_BOARD_APM2)?

    Thank you all.

  • MR60

    Wiki on Custom Code.  I've moved this conversation to the following 


  • Hi Forrest,

    It sounds really nice. Is there a draft version?

    I miss, so I would include if possible, an additional point for SITL.

    I´m fighting now with SITL installation and config, and is not too clear how to configure and run it. 


  • MR60

    Rick Calder and I have been working on a Wiki for the Windows environment showing how to:

    • Creating a workspace
    • Download the code
    • Download the compiler
    • Configure the compiler
    • Familiarizing yourself with the code
    • An example of modifying octa files for custom frame layouts
    • Verify the code
    • Compile and upload the code
    • Maintain custom code when updates occur

    If someone wants to help, let us know how you would like to help.

  • Really great concept for a group guys,

    Seems to me that one thing that is badly needed is a really good Developer wiki page on the basics of exactly how to do this.

    Basically a really straightforward walk through showing step by step how to use Git to properly clone the firmware source, How to install and set up the developer environment, edit, compile and build the source, load the firmware object and finally how to interact with the developer group to get it into shape for submission as a possible inclusion in the user code.

    At one time it was fairly simple to do this, but it has gotten more complicated and I think is screaming for a really good shiny new wiki page that covers this well enough so that your 5 year old (well maybe not) could do it.

    Also like to see it for PX4 and trying to get together something like it with Dennis Spanogle for Mission Planner right now.

    Anybody with actual experience, I would be happy to work with you to get this in the Wiki, contact me from my Avatar.

  • I'm also interested.


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Getting mission status on UserCode.cpp

Hello, everyone!I'm trying to count how many waypoints has my drone visited and if the mission has been sucessfully finished, and for that I'm planning on writing my code on the UserCode.cpp file, but I don't know if I can define some library to extract that data from, or if I should go directly to the EEPROM, or if I can declare my own parameters and read from them somehow... What is the "good practices" way to do this? Thanks in advance.

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Generate remote control commands from Arduino

Hello. We are currently working on a drone for a university project work. It is quadcopter and flight controller is APM 2.5. The point of the project is to implement A* algorithm (finding short path on a discretized terrain). So the flight of the drone should be described in advance according to algorithm work results, sent from GCS via a protocol (Mavlink I guess).THE QUESTION IS - is it possible to exctract what remote control sends (when drone is told to go forward, for instance), generate…

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MAVLink Manual Control via Arduino / Teensy

hi @all,Inspired on Burkards Sonar Boat project i want to build my own Sonar Boat. We have some discussion to implement the MAVLink functionality and use a APM or Pixhawk with ardurover firmware.Burkard has developed a little remote with a OLED to get some information live from the Boat. This remote has a 5 Way Switch (Joystick) to control manual...A 3DR Ground Modul, a five way switch and a Oled are connected to a Teensy (Teensyduino) So far so good :)I try to implement the MAVLink Protocol to…

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