What is Pixhawk 2?

www.pixhawk2.comPixhawk 2 is a small cube, with a 38.5mm square footprint.All connection to the cube is via a DF17 connector coming out the bottom of the cube.This modularity allows for multiple form factors to suit multiple platforms.For the stand alone market, it will be coming out in two form factors to start with, a "Full" configuration, and a "mini" configuration. The full will have connectors for everything, the kitchen sink.... While the mini is restricted to the bare essentials.For RTF's or kit aircraft, I am working on a series of plug and fly systems, that allow you to remove most of your wiring from your aircraft, and take advantage of the easy to use modular structure.The cube also has a massive quality advantage. Given that every single pin is available on the DF17 connection on the base, it allows complete factory full motion testing and calibration of each cube.Pixhawk 2 is continuing to grow. When we release the Pixhawk 2 stand alone, it will be using the latest sensors available on the market, in a form factor that allows the ultimate in flexibility.Please note. Pixhawk 2 Stand alone is NOT a 3DR product. It is a community driven product, designed by the community for the community.A key requirement for my partner companies who will be making this will be active support of the community.Looking forward to announcing more info soon!Philip RowseLead Systems EngineerProfiCNCLead EE on Pixhawk 2 PX4 and Ardupilot Dev team member(formally 3DR sponsored)


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  • Is it possible to get a pdf schematics of PIXHAWK2? That will enable all of us to get a better idea of the new architecture.

  • Hi Philip.  Any news on manufacturing or estimated time to release?

    • Developer

      yes, things are on schedule, all drawings are complete, we are just awaiting quotations for the components.

      Release date will be announced officially once we have released the Alpha set, which will be hopefully by the end of next month.

    • hey phil

      any news about you great board?

      could you say more about it and when it will be launch for all end users

      thanks for you great working

  • No HDMI input? 

    • for what? you want to play movies lol

    • Developer

      This is an autopilot, its job is to keep the Aircraft in the air at the position it was intended to be....

      For Video transmission, there will be news soon on a community driven Digital video system with those capabilities.

      For object tracking and avoidance, there will also be some big things happening there as well.

    • @Philip, is there anyway to get one of the prototype carrier boards, or a schematic? 

    • Developer

      contact me @ pixhawk2 (at)

    • I'm readying to build a hexa frame and anxiously waiting for all this.

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