• Hi , I am also a mac and ipad person , but I am thinking about buying an Android tablet, I do not want to spend a lot but I would like one that can be perform very well with my Iris, the truth is I do not know anything about these tablest, can somebody recommend one
    • I've got the Nvdia Shield.  Really like it.  Nice and fast and hooking into MavLink was a breeze with it.

    • I have the lowest ranked or features Android tablet and it loads MP without problem. Nice to have at the flying sight to plot your flight missions. The tablet was the cheapest on the market. works like I planned..  Mav Link is quick and easy to run. I run  MP on the MAC at home but use my Dell laptop to run my missions and configuration at the flying field. However I think that MP will run on just about any Windows based Tablet. 

    • I can recommend a nexus 7 2013 version for a good tablet to run Droiddplanner or Tower.

      As far as the comments go about a DOS based system. I don't think windows 7/8 are DOS based systems.

      DOS based system haven't existed for years but you probably wouldn't be aware of that if you used a Mac.

  • 91% of computers run Windows.  If you want to be part of the 7.1% of people who don't realize that, then don't let anyone tell you different!

    You can always pal around with the 7% of people that think the moon landing was faked.  (Edited out by  Adm M)

    • If by computer you mean desktop or laptop. However, I 'd be surprised if there was a single Windows server on the path your message took to be posted on this forum (and I 'd be curious as to what the OS of the server hosting this site is). Also, since smartphones, tablets, cars, home routers and other appliances, watches etc are all computers, I 'd suggest that most computers run variations on the theme of Unix/Linux kernels (which includes OS X). Just saying.

    • Paul you hit it on the head. This is a forum to help not a mooncalf reply. 

    • And the vast majority of people on this site seem to be able to manage a courteous conversation with a view to helping one another. Unfortunately, not all.

  • Hi Paul,

        as an OSX Lion user Mission planner for Windows hands down is the best at present..

    runs great under Windows 8 running in a VMWARE Fusion 5.0-> 6.0 VM.. no windows laptops required!

    VS2012 also nicely compiles up the code for the latest git pull from michael or local tweaks..

        I use Tower(current) when in the field though on an android 5.01 tablet..very portable solution even if no rally points supported yet :( and ADT to compile the latest git pull works very nice under OSX as do the code builds

                     hope the above helps



  • Hi Paul; I too am a MAC user and find it more reliable than the DOS based platforms. However I broke down and purchased a Dell I7 laptop. This is to run Mission Planner and also my 3D printer. I do like the portability for the DOS  (Windows 8) as it seems to update MP when there is an update ready. That did not happen on my MAC. I'm not sure of the difference is since I switch over to the laptop about 8 months ago. I also run a Android tablet for my Y6 and Isis+ and that is windows based. I will not trade in my MAC for anything. That is my workhouse (Photos, Movies (Isis+, Y6 FLIR) and music). Hope that I did't confuse you but I guess I am recommending the Windows. 

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