Pixhawk clone V2.4.5 on GLB

Hi guys! I not pro or against clones but I saw this today on GoodLuckBuy: 


It appears to be a revised version with this description:

Improvements on V2.4.3
- V2.4.5 PCB board
- Redeveloped and optimized circuit without changing components
- Could use Official MissionPlanner, ECLIPSE firmware upgrade

I think that it would be nice for the developers of the hardware to use this thread to keep us updated on revisions on this board. Maybe not highly technical (for those of us who do not understand EagleCAD schematics) but at least with a good description of the changes.

I´m very keen on getting the lastest version of any board I buy, that´s why I´m asking.

Another thing is: If I buy the original Pixhawk (which I can´t right now because I live in South America and 3DR is not shipping here currently), am I going to get this version?

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  • do not ever buy from this seller.http://www.goodluckbuy.com .. the name says good luck with what you will buy ..you will never get your product as good as should be. i recommend you the www.aliexpress.com it is cheaper for the same product and shipping is free and fast...

    • I have to agree here. I got some stuff from goodluckbuy before.

      1) 2nd set of 3DR radio clones didn't work

      2) They sent me a GPS that was missing the GPS module (one side of the board was empty, no kidding)

      3) It took over a month giving them a chance to fix stuff and they didn't fix it all. I got my money back from Ebay, and they banned my account from buying from there again.

      So, with goodluckbuy, you do get what you paid for. Sometimes ok, sometimes not at all.

      Sadly I also gave them feedback on things that could be changed in their kit (like not the right OSD cable), and they didn't seem to care. Again, furthering the not always deserved stereotype against chinese sellers.

  • Pixhawk Clone HK Pilot32 from HobbyKing has been released as well.


    For the price it seems like 3dr is the way to go.

  • Now even InfinityHobby has one too!:


    Is the original 3DR Pixhawk this "new" version if I buy one today?

    • Tearig is right, you aren't saving anything really because 3DR gives you a lot more for the $200..  They included the power module as well..  A lot higher quality as well...

    • Hard to see the value when it is only saving 35$

  • This is not the place to debate the merits or otherwise of Chinese manufacturing but GLBs Pixhawk clones are not made in apartment size factories. I wouldn't buy one out of principle (I don't like the name theft) not because of quality. There are other versions available from US, China and Taiwan that don''t try to pretend they are made by 3DR.

    • He didn't say they were made in apartment sized factories.  He said the "components are manufactured individually in apartment size factories."  Then each component is shipped to a different factory where final assembly takes place.  That is what he meant by horizontal supply chain.  In a vertical supply chain the manufacturer would make all the parts in house and do the final assembly in house too.  Reasons some companies choose to do vertical is profits can be higher, but quality and process control is much higher.  You just cannot guarantee the quality of parts when some other lowest bidder is making all the parts for your widget.  The "lower" quality items rejected by major manufacturers are not destroyed.  They enter the secondary "grey" market and they are used in "clone" items.  So when you buy a clone the quality control process, and the manufacturing tolerances are not the same as in the original product.  Cheaper metals, cheaper processes, secondary ( think B grade) parts are used in assembly.  Ever try and use cheap chinese screws or bolts on anything?  Yeah the strip and break super easy because they are made with cheaper metal.  Same thing applies to electronics.

  • What I don´t like about this GLB offer is that they seem to sell this with an original case.(According to their pics even with 3DR Logo)

    Concerning rev. 2.45 : I´m not a dev, but according to github, the values of three caps C1108 / C1109 / C1110 have been changed. NO SCHEMATIC OR BOARD CHANGES ! .

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing. If they had changed the name or something like that, then it would be a little bit better. 

      The REAL question is what are the especific changes in the 2.4.5 version. So caps C1108 / C1109 / C1110 have been changed, but why? This is the kind of info that would be nice. Not a long description, but al least some info

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