Pixhawk with Servos

I am pretty new at this, and don't have any experience with Pixhawk. I have been trying to set up my servos with my Pixhawk, but am not getting any response from the servos. I am flying a flying wing and trying to set it up so that I can switch from Auto to Manual. I am also attaching a servo/gimbal to the drone, so I don't think that I can configure it through the servo/gimbal configurations on mission planner. From what I have read, when I switch to Manual mode, the Pixhawk should automatically pass transmitter signals through, so I don't need to change that. I have my BEC plugged in, and have armed it to check, but haven't gotten anywhere. What do I need to do to get my servos to work?

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  • For anyone reading through this, within the Plane software, the Ailerons and Elevators are configured to channels 1 and 2. This can be changed in the parameters. The issue that I was experiencing was a result of voltage spikes, causing the servos to jitter. The first set of servos that I purchased required a faster signal than the Pixhawk was unable to provide as well. 

  • How did you connect the receiver to the Pixhawk?

    Via the Sbus interface or what?

    What receiver do you have? (Model, brand).

  • If the servos are correctly connected and you have 5 Volt on the rail every servo , except the motor, should work from power-on if you press the safety switch (or have it disabled as I have on the my planes).

    Flaps and Ailerons start moving on power-on and stabilize when the EKF-filter has got enough information.


    • Ok, so I believe my problem is that my transmitter channels do not line up with the RC channels on the Pixhawk. Could this be the problem? If so, how do I set for example, my elevator, which is on CH 3 on my transmitter to RC 3 on the Pixhawk?

  • In advanced params in mission planner there is the option to for the servo - set it to pass-through. Once the safety switch is pressed then you should have throughput to the servo.

    It works without hitch for me on a pixhawk with spektrum dx9. I could not get channel 9 working though - gave up as it was not needed at the time.

  • For aileron, elevator control, obviously..... Right?
    • Right, I'm not sure if I need to set up the parameters so that it recognizes these as servos, or maybe I have the BEC plugged into the wrong port and they just aren't getting enough power?
    • One 5V power for Aux 9-14 channels but numbered 1-6 on my pixhawk and then 5V power for the 1-8 channel. The 1-8 are your (in this order) aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder, and 5 I think is flight mode the other 3 not sure. I have tied up with motors but airplane I think u would move your Aux channels to the 1-6. Been a while since I've done airplane but do u have to set up what kinda wing it is in mission planner or just download airplane firmware? Do u tell your radio what kinda wing it is flying? I remeber tht with the 2.6 but again been awhile hope it helps.
    • I just download the plane firmware. I'll try moving my servos to the Main Outs like you said to see if that works.
    • I'm sure you need set up your radio to fly the wing too, if u havn't. If your aileron, elevator, throttle and rudder aren't in channels labled 1-8 they are not being seen as so.
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