Almost ruined my Pixhawk by pulling out connectors

In a week time I more or less ruined my pixhawk by unpluggin some plugs from it (see photo). First I tried to unplug the buzzer because it really makes a deafening noise. I ended up with two loose wires. Well, the result is the same (no noise) but I had a switch in mind.

Next I had to test the telemetry/OSD. To be sure everything was working I had to swap the plugs between telemetry 1/2. I could avoid the loose wires but as I had to use a screwdriver one of the receiving end of the plug is damaged. Today I ruined the I2C module and the wires came loose at the Pixhawk side.

No, I did not pull the wires (on purpose that is, my fingers often slipped. Hey, I am not a female with the long nails and small fingers that go with it!).

Yes, I studied the video many times. I am not able to reproduce what I see there. I am really pissed, there goes a next order for an I2C module including shipping. Did anyone ever succeed in unplugging a plug from the I2C module? I just tried to unplug another plug just to test and again I ended up with a plug mount in my fingers.

Sorry for the rant, I'll stop now. Just to be curious, am I the only one that can't handle those plugs? And does someone know a flight controller that does use normal plugs? Because all pleasure has gone from using my pixhawk.


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    Hi All,

    I have six Pixhawks and I have never detached a socket while trying to remove a connector.

    You do not need a tool.

    All you have to do is cut the two little wedge locks, found at the base of the connector, off the face of the connector and it will come out perfectly every time with a gentle pull.

    Also, since I run my Pixhawks on Rover chassis, I have never had a connector, on which I have removed the locking wedges, come out even in the worst curb crash or rollover.



  • I received my "pry tool" today and in just some moments I could remove the plugs from my pixhawk. Maybe 3DR could supply a pry tool with each APM sold. And provide a link to the video Felix Messner posted. This really makes a difference.

    Thanks for all suggestions! I am now able to unplug plugs from the Pixhawk. All solutions mentioned had the same sort of solution in common: pry the plug loose with a thin bladed tool, even a USB plug will do. For people like me fingers are too blunt an instrument for this task ;-)

  • An investment of a couple of dollars from Amazon or Ebay will gain you what's known as a 'pry tool' used in mobile phone repair.  Just google 'mobile pry tool' and you'll find plenty of examples.  They look like this:


    and are a perfect size to fit in the gap between the cable and recepticle.  

    They work a treat.

    • These are also called spludgers. I also pulled a connector from my I2C splitter, now I use a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the receiving end while I use the spludgers to pry the mating connector out, using the needle nose for leverage support.
    • Thanks for the tip! I ordered them immediately but this is highly qualified high-tech electronics and may not be exported to Europe :-D. I ordered them from somewhere else. Weird.

    • masha Allah i never thought of using those, i have them leftover from a failed sceen transplant job......leave to the experts, thank you for the tip Matt :-)

      Swift, any pics on the before and after on the plugs you DIYed?

  • By the way, is new Pixhawk on its way ?

  • I vote for bigger connectors on the next Pixhawk too.  I've broken a few myself, even while being careful, even while using small tools. 

  • Rnold:

    This is the tool I use.  Surgical or Dental tool?  

    I could never get my fingers in their.  


  • I just one of these, certified compatibility too, smaller footprint etc. ..... the AUAV-X2 from Arsovtech, using servo-like connectors, singles or multiple.

    I did have problems at first especially newly inserted plugs, watched the vid and used the technique shown with much less hassle now

    good luck
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