I Found a solution to the problem; I changed ESCs to Tiger Motor ESCs and changed the signal to 200hz.


More tunning on PID required, will try Autotune, however quad flies great on stabilized mode.



It is now clear that the problem is not related to PIXHAWK but to the ESCs and  signal processing by the motors . As previously mentioned by experts in this Forum, the signal for Pixhawk is always the same and the controller is not the problem.




Ok I accidentally sent a message to all the group, but I meant to make a clear declaration about PIxhawk.


For some reason, no one has ever found a resolution with the motor sync issue with some ESCs,( in my case with hobbywing 40a and 60a and the sudden loss of control of the Pixhawk  due to signal malfunction with low RPM high pole count motors  ( t motor 4008 380kv).


I believe it is important to mention, that after tunning, changing ESCs checking motors, and a few minutes of Stabilize and Loiter flight mode flight, switching to Pixhawk has been truly disappointing, and everyone should no that it will take some time to reach the " industrial" reliability and end user friendliness of the DJI Wookong M in the Pixhawk.


I believe it will be possible, but when there are potential to date unsolved issues, the community needs to be aware of them, in order to create proper expectations of Drone Builders and developers.


Pixhawk is completely incompatible with hobbywing Pentium 60 a and Hobbywing 40a ESCs. It Flips on necessary roll adjustments, and the motors are completely out of synchronization, even after adjusting RC signal parameters, PID adjustments, ensuring good connections, and checking motors and ESCs.


I truly hope the solution will be using DJI or T motor ESCs; however, there is a lot of people that are likely to try Hobbywing, or other brand high Amp ESCs with large motors, and my message is:


DON'T try it!!


You will spend more money, parts and time and brain power than simply using another controller.





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    • Hows it friend had the same problem beat me up also the solution were two fold i had a bad motor it still calibrated and telemetry was not giving me any help so like you i re did the whole cha cha the bad motor was messing with esc's (skywalker 25A 4in1 ) and one of my batteries did not survive a crash as well as ii thought and  my flight times dropped from 17 min. to almost 4min, before battery FS landed it. physically check motor winding make sure none are lose. If you find any a performance check should be done. A fading motor will affect esc performance if you haven't done it yet check them u may have a damaged one also who u kidding u aint giving up on it shelving till more time maybe going till u fix it yeah 

  • This thread has me a little concerned - I'm thinking the current combination for my next quad build:

    - 700 size spider quad

    - Multistar Elite 3508 274 kv motors (x4 obviously)

    - 13x4 CF props

    - TBS 30A OPTO ESCs running SimonK

    - 3DR Pixhawk with power module

    - 4S 5500MAH (thinking x2)

    All of this talk has me questioning my component combination - the reason I went for the lower kv motors was to try and achieve better flight times on a high voltage system.

    Does anyone have any suggestions - particularly around the FC/ESC/motor combination?


    • Paul, I think you need at least 6s power with those motors. You'll be lucky to get off the ground with 4s (unless you plan on connecting them in series perhaps?) You'll be looking at something around the 800kv mark on 4s with 1340 props to lift something around 2.5Kg safely. I would suggest trying eCalc for some basic specs - not always 100% accurate but a good starting point. Regards, Paul

    • Thanks Paul, yes series - I might shelve the 274kv's for another time.

    • +1 and test sync problems running simonk and Low kv after fly

  • I am seeking counsel from this community regarding my recent strange issues. I chose this thread as I suspect I am caught up in some possible low kv motor and simonk issues- but I am not convinced and here is why:

    Last year I built a hex using the quadrysteria 40amp esc's with current simonk fw (not the high kv from 5-15-13 but the version after that- April of 2014 I believe)

    The Hex flew fine- it was a little heavy, but overall there were no problems. I use Sunny Sky 3508 29 380kv motors with 11x4.7 APC props on 6S- very smooth with 20 minute flight times.

    2 weeks ago I took a new quad frame and set it up using the same esc's (literally pulled from my hex) and motors. I set up the pixhawk and went out and did some testing and everything other than tuning seemed okay. I had some oscillations or jitters that wouldn't go away- seemed to be a rate P gain issue and I was performing in flight adjustments and running in and out from my laptop and hooking up Mission Planner to check results and change the ch 6 options. While in the middle of this tuning session, it dawned on me I had never calibrated my esc's before the maiden- in fact, I had NEVER calibrated them! I went ahead and did so.

    I went out, set the quad down for another tune and test and when I armed this time, the motors spooled up on stick command where prior they did not (I used to have the pixhawk set to not spin motors on arm on the Hex so this was unexpected)

    What is worse is now the quad won't lift off. As soon as I give throttle, I get what appears to be syncing issues and the quad acts like it is underpowered. What happened? How did it go so bad so quickly from a simple esc calibration?

    I am about to just reload all firmware on the pixhawk, and start over- but I hate not understanding what, if anything I may have done wrong. Does anyone have any insight on where I may have made a mistake? What possible problem could be causing this?

  • @John & @Craig, thank you for clearing up the motor timing issue. My cuz had a similar problem once. The 600 would just power down on its own and come crashing down, twice, luckily on soft soil.
  • Developer

    @Pmarche, now that you have discovered the truth about Pixhawk and low KV motors and that the autopilot works fine with them and that you have discovered that the ESC firmware and configuration is the issue, I would like to request you revise your post with a supplemental paragraph about your new discovery so that other people can read the TL;DR version:
     Pixhawk works great with low kV motors.  Some ESC firmware and some ESC settings do not. 

    • Developer

      I agree, is not a Pixhawk problem.
      I use 20" propellers with low kv motors, ESC with BLHeli firmware.
      I'm sorry but you have found a bad combo...

    • Done. I have accepted my mistake.


      I repeat, my point was to let other builders know that some commonly used ESCs, have problems with ESCs.

      Pixhawk is definitely not the problem. Great controller, Great Mission Planning software. Solid and reliable.



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