I Found a solution to the problem; I changed ESCs to Tiger Motor ESCs and changed the signal to 200hz.


More tunning on PID required, will try Autotune, however quad flies great on stabilized mode.



It is now clear that the problem is not related to PIXHAWK but to the ESCs and  signal processing by the motors . As previously mentioned by experts in this Forum, the signal for Pixhawk is always the same and the controller is not the problem.




Ok I accidentally sent a message to all the group, but I meant to make a clear declaration about PIxhawk.


For some reason, no one has ever found a resolution with the motor sync issue with some ESCs,( in my case with hobbywing 40a and 60a and the sudden loss of control of the Pixhawk  due to signal malfunction with low RPM high pole count motors  ( t motor 4008 380kv).


I believe it is important to mention, that after tunning, changing ESCs checking motors, and a few minutes of Stabilize and Loiter flight mode flight, switching to Pixhawk has been truly disappointing, and everyone should no that it will take some time to reach the " industrial" reliability and end user friendliness of the DJI Wookong M in the Pixhawk.


I believe it will be possible, but when there are potential to date unsolved issues, the community needs to be aware of them, in order to create proper expectations of Drone Builders and developers.


Pixhawk is completely incompatible with hobbywing Pentium 60 a and Hobbywing 40a ESCs. It Flips on necessary roll adjustments, and the motors are completely out of synchronization, even after adjusting RC signal parameters, PID adjustments, ensuring good connections, and checking motors and ESCs.


I truly hope the solution will be using DJI or T motor ESCs; however, there is a lot of people that are likely to try Hobbywing, or other brand high Amp ESCs with large motors, and my message is:


DON'T try it!!


You will spend more money, parts and time and brain power than simply using another controller.





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  • I have a Hexa with T-motor 4010 370kv and use Ztw spider 30A esc. This work fine along with Pixhawk
    • Just to make you aware, i'm using multistar 4225-390kv on 6s lipo with 13x6.5 prop along with ztw spider opto 30amp. I have had 2 crash due to esc failure. It was working perfectly great one day and then failed on the day after. 

  • Another heads up:  I use the Tiger Motor MN4010-11 475kv motors with Tiger Motor S45A ESCs and it works great....for a while. On my rig the connections between the ESC and motors got very loose over time.  Initially it required significant force to insert the bullets into the ESC, now they slip in/out with almost no resistance.  Unfortunately I did not find this out until after the rig (including gimbal and mapping camera) plummeted into the ground from 250' up due to one motor going offline <sigh>

    • How sad! Best practice is to hot glue everything after it is connected.

  • Good, I give you every reason I made the same mistake, I bought this flight tracker with T-MOTOR and individual ESC. I was sad because the driver and software are very weak.
    I have a CC3D controller, this is a machine with my QUADCOPER, bad autonomous wanted and bought PIWHAWK and neither flies nor right off.

    • Pedro, I will let you know how it goes with the T Motor ESCs; and If ever try Marc's solution, ( reinstalling firmware ) I will let you know. Thanks.

  • This could be a SimonK Esc issue BTW. It does not play nice with low KV motors sometimes.Try flashing ESCs to BLHeli firmware. That may fix your issue.

    Before you do that: Are using the ground wires in the ESC PWM inputs? That is a known issue. I am sure you are. But if you are not, and just relying on the battery ground, that could also be an easy fix.

    And tie it down and torture the throttle to test before you try to fly it!!!

    • By now, I have decided to try t motor ESCs, apparently they are designed to be used with these motors. I do not want to see another flip;


      When you say BLheli firmware, is it compatible with Hobbywing's ESCs? or is it part of ESC programming?


      Thanks a lot for your help!.


      I might re use those ESCs, have a total of 8.

      Yes I have the ground wire connected, the only missing wire is the power ( red ). I have seen quite a few videos on youtube, and after some adjustments, everyone keeps having problems.


      One of the problems,  is actually  the quad actually flights good in Stabilize and Loiter flight modes , until a sudden, drastic adjustment or movement in roll or pitch is executed. That makes the problem seem intermittent and solved, until you research the issue in depth and notice no one has posted a solution.


    • It is easy to flash it so try that before buying new escs. No guarantee but SimonK is known to not like some high pole motors. You are basically putting new firmware on the escs. It may fix your issue or it may not. If the issue is Pixhawk and the ESC do not like each other (PWM issue 3.3v to 5v) then you are going to have to buy new esc probably. But I think Hobbywing 40A play nice with Pixhawk. It was Afro that I read about that had issues in some setups. So hopefully it is just ESC firmware issue.

      You can google how to do it. I have not reflashed those exact ones but I am sure they are supported I think it is tp_nfet.hex but check it.

      You can try one and see if it works on a static test with you torturing it. You can always go back to simonk if it does not work.

    • Thanks a lot Marc!. I truly appreciate your help.

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