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  • 3701925038?profile=original3701925055?profile=originalHere is a stand I created in about 20 min. It really helps with building and mounting.

  • Hello, I own a RVJET 2014, i'm still assembling but hope to finish soon and upload some pictures...

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APM mounting in RVjet

I finally maidened my RVJ last month and it flew... but not great. It was very pitchy, but the rolls were great. I'm wondering if I should mount the APM a little differently. It's currently on the red mount thing it came with, but this seems very soft. How do you guys have your APM mounted?

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Prop size...

How many of you are running the stock size prop and motor?  Being as how there only selling them in kit form I elected to use a 10X6 prop with a new Turnigy SK3 1200KV motor I had laying around.  I only considered doing so after I read that someone on here was running a 10" prop with an 1100KV  motor and was doing fine. I was going to run it with a 45 AMP blu series ESC but ended up going with a 60 AMP. One things for sure, the RVJET has one hell of a duct to keep the motor and ESC cool!

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Gimbal control problems

Hey guys! I've been building my first RVjet for the past few weeks (slowly but surely), and I'm just about complete. The last thing I'm trying to do is control the gimbal and this has been problematic. Using an APM2.6 with PPM stream from an OpenLRSng RX. I just want to pass control thru, not use the stabilizing features. I tried that spare ports on the servo rail and also tried routing them to R10 & R11. Either way the servos go berserk, extremely jerky. I can tell the input I give makes a…

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