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It is going wel with the Trimaran. There is a chance that we will do the first test this sunday. Here some photos.

Here you find the work in progress:

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  • @christophe that Job is awesome...

    Anyway, wind direction MUST be a AS5030 o some frictionless sensor...

  • My sailing drone for regattas. Happy to share code and tips.

  • Richard check out my code.  It has not been on the water yet.

  • Hi,


    I am new to the group and I am interested in using a APM2.5 to control a sailboat.


    Has anybody compiled a program to control a sailboat using this controller?



  • If any of you have made changes to this file, I would like to see what you did.

    I have seen this file...


    Which contains nothing...

    // -*- tab-width: 4; Mode: C++; c-basic-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-

    // This file is just a placeholder for your configuration file. If
    // you wish to change any of the setup parameters from their default
    // values, place the appropriate #define statements here.

    // If you used to define your CONFIG_APM_HARDWARE setting here, it is no
    // longer valid! You should switch to using CONFIG_HAL_BOARD via the HAL_BOARD
    // flag in your local instead.

    // The following are the recommended settings for Xplane
    // simulation. Remove the leading "/* and trailing "*/" to enable:


    * //
    * // Mavlink supports
    * // 2. HIL_MODE_SENSORS: full sensor simulation

  • Hey Sina, we all love Mythbusters, but I think you'll have more success with attaching the electronics box to the pontoons with hot glue than with the duct tape.  It's going to fall apart in the water.

  • No videos unfortunately, However I am going to post you video soon

  • nice boat! how did it float on the water today? 

    do you have any videos of it?

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I've been working on an autonomous sail boat for about 18 months. I've got something that works, but needs a lot of tuning:'s a bit smarter than in that video, but still gets lost when crossing wind:I've got everything up on Github: love any feedback or input!

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here is some sailing code I wrote for my Viking ship

post at ... is a youtube video of my boat ... I first made a copy of ArduPlane that I called ArduPlanePete.:::::::::: I got this to compile and run.::::::::::: Then in the main body of ArduPlanePete I made these two changes1.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Header…

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HiI like to start with a new project “lake navigation with electrical motor boat”.Do you guys try that? Can I expect for good navigation results with the APM2?Thank for helping,Itzik

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maiden voyage of protei 009

hi i'm rik bootsman a fellow student of sina and working on the same project.hereby I show the maiden voyage of my sailing drone (at this moment still remotely controlled) Because the wind wasn't blowing the week before, I could test it only just before easter and here is the video of the test. You can see the boat tack against the wind and go very fast in what sailers call free reach.This was still a remote controlled version, but at this moment I can completely control the boat with a remote…

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