Went to Best Buy to get extra batteries today. Huge struggle.The first guy I spoke to didn't think they carried the Solo. He'd never heard of it. The second guy took me over to their "drone section" which had the Solo kiosk already set up. He said he hadn't heard of Solo while standing next to their display model. I asked him if they had batteries and he said "absolutely not" without bothering to check.The third guy I flagged down knew what the Solo was but said they weren't carrying any accessories, just the drone. I had already checked the website and knew they had batteries so I asked him to check. He asked another Best Buy employee and came back to say no.I just played it cool and asked him to check if any other stores in the area had batteries. He finally came back and said it turns out they have 3 batteries in the store room and a set of "blades" (he meant props). I bought all 3 batteries.He ended up asking me all sorts of questions about the Solo which I answered. He said he's going to get one. As I write this it occurs to me that I went to Best Buy and ended up selling a Solo to one of their employees.This is why I preordered from a proper dealer. Even for accessories like props and batteries I think I'll avoid Best Buy if I can and do my shopping from specialty dealers I trust (In my case Aeroworks). Even for batteries and props I'd rather support the dealers who actually know more about the product than me.

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  • Erik Graham,

    A great tale. One for the record !!
  • Several folks posting on 3drpilots.com about getting their Solo from Best Buy yesterday then canceling their preorders. Maybe that's good for us waiting since we will get bumped up in the preorder queue!
    • Does best buy replace them when they fly away? That was one of 3dr rants that they offer full replacement if the solo ever ran away.

    • Not exactly like that. If you experience a fly away or crash in non auto mode and the log from the solo controller shows 3DR that there was a defect or system failure then they will replace it. Things that void this warranty are Tower App, Autonomy, modifications (I'm sure).

      Still a good deal if the quad happens to fly away and it's not your fault.

  • haha...What a Worst Buy!

    • I think the preorders should be filled first before the stores get stocked and Best Buy? Like you said, Worst Buy....
  • Unless you thought you needed all three extra batteries immediately, you just kept two others from getting an extra with their Solo purchase this next week.

    • Of course. And I do indeed need all 3 extra batteries. And I'll need more than that.
      Also, you could look at it another way... A company like Best Buy is data driven. When 3 batteries get snapped up almost immediately, that will contribute to their tracking statistics on the Solo. If the numbers are good enough, they will get behind the product, and order more parts (and hopefully/possibly decide it's worth training up some staff on the Solo). ;-)
  • Hilarious! You should get commission.
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