SoloPro ?

Hi guys, Solo looks like a beautiful and powerful machine, HD video feed or feature like CableCam are amazing for video shooting. However I guess Solo is designed mostly for gopro size/weight camera (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Would be nice to see a pro version of the Solo at one stage, bigger size, bigger motors, bigger gimbal which could take heavier camera, parachute management, but retaining all the good software innovations from the original Solo... (and the remote)

Any known plan for that?

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  • Hold out for the DJI M-100. Oh yah!!!

    • Yes I have to say that DJI is also innovating with the M100, but I think not as much as 3DR with the Solo, especially in terms of software features. I just wish I could find a more professionnal oriented Solo, for straightfoward video shooting...
    • I m not a 3 dr hater, I have 2 x8s I survey crops with and will buy a solo for doing interior shots as soon as 3dr adds sonnar and clears out all the bugs. Right now would never try to fly a Solo indoors with its GPS problems..hopefully they get them fixed. I like the Idea that solo uses a go cam...nice wide focal point for interior filming..Phantom's lens is way too narrow. 

      See, my opinion is not totally one sided!!! Relax and breath deep!

    • Then start a DJI thread. The OP is not about a DJI M100.
    • No sure I understand your statement "would never try to fly a Solo indoors with its GPS problems". You shouldn't fly any quad indoors and rely on GPS. I fly indoors with the Solo  when the weather is bad but in stabilize or manual.

    • Developer

      I hope you are also disabling GPS when indoors i.e. AHRS_GPS_USE  = 0 (even in stabilize)


    • It looks like just another high priced CF frame MR put in a blender. Nothing big there, except the size and price. I have a light weight CF quad already that cost less than a third of that,  but is too big and clunky to travel with. The Solo fits in a small box; perfect for my purposes. Really, why do you post in 3DR threads when your intention was never to buy a Solo in the first place.

    • Agreed. These posts are getting old and if you browse this forum regularly you can see what is going on here.

    • I agree!
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