Perhaps is useful for users and dev if we have all the comments, troubles, issues, etc. in a group for easier find information about this great, useful field software that Arthur starts and share with all of us, and now have the 3DR support.

(If another group exist, please tell me and I erase, I couldn't find) 

Here yow can download

Here you can find more information :

Here you can find FAQ:

Here a video tutorial in english and spanish thank's to Joey and Kit drone


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  • Would like to know what enhancements are being worked on for Tower.  It is very handy app and I am grateful for the work that goes into it and for having been able to use it and DP for the past almost two years.  

    On the other hand other platforms are getting apps that have feature sets that are much more robust and cinematic than the current iteration of Tower.

    Is Tower going to move forward more rapidly or continue to move forward at a slow pace?

    I for one would gladly pay a reasonable price for a greatly upgraded version.

  • Hi

        Just to confirm is mapbox id the same as  my username?

    The web site looks different to the wikki?

    with tower3.2 I get" incorrect credentials" message

  • Perhaps this help

    Yes It's work's with last vers and you can see satellite.

  • Hi

    cut past options in android involve  loooong press on  the text,

    in map box selected satellite  but only get street view?

    so i  gave up with map box now i am back to google which seems to work offline by default?

    ( looking at a map in the editor on line then disconnect switch off   reboot  and the maps are still there , with no internet  conection)

    adding a Maps folder seems not to work with latest version     3.2  ??

    Ahh what fun!!


  • I born crazy ;) 

    I'm not remember well how I did but I think that I copy to word, then save that archive and move to the Tablet, open with the word android-copy and paste.

  • Hi

    Is it just me ?

    Or has anyone else been driven crazy trying to to enter mapbox 100 digit token code???

    how do I cut/paste in android???


  • Be carefull with pause follow me button:

    Says Randy in 3.3 beta testing post:

     Reply by Randy 5 hours ago

    As reported by Stephan above, there's a bug which can cause the to speed off when Tower's Pause button is pushed.  The cause is not yet clear but we're looking into it as a top priority so we will get to the bottom of it.  Until we know the cause, please do not push Tower's Pause button.

  • What's mean "plastic GPS" ?, when I changed the gps now Tower says something like that.

  • Here it is :

    Tower don't report signal lost · Issue #1639 · DroidPlanner/Tower
    Tower don't report signal lost, now it contines reporting audible reports including when you unplug the airplane.
  • Yes, I have the same issue and report to github, then I look for the report if you want to comment too.

This reply was deleted.

New Beta 4.0 2 release

Download here: here: 1 for Tower v4.0.0 is now available on the Play Store5!Here are some of the highlights for this release:Remove dependency on 3DR ServicesCompass calibration support for Solo and ArduCopter v3.4 or higherRestore vehicle history screenAbility to export the vehicle flight path as a missionDeprecate '.dpwp' mission file…

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Tower v3.2.1 Release

Fredia announces a new release. Thank's Fredia v3.2.1 changelog:Support for FPV video streaming using UVC Devices by Guilherme Blanco for ArcGIS Online map tilesArcGIS Online is an online collaborative web GIS. With the added support, you can access and cache ready to use maps and layers provided by…

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