UGCS with fixed-wing

Anybody have any experience using UGCS with a fixed-wing? In particular, as relates to take-off and landing? And, what about hand launched vs. runway planes? And belly vs. wheel landings? I would love to see a mission of this. And any idea when a functional PX4 fixed-wing UGCS will be available?

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  • thanks for the reply :)

    Great to know the profile is there at least. I have some work to do on the airframe but once I've done some testing I'll let you know how it goes, maybe on a new thread.



  • Hi Adam,

    There is PX4 VTOL vehicle profile in UgCS 3.2. We have tested VTOL in simulator, but have not performed real flights.

    Best regards,
    UgCS Support Team
    Janis Jonins

  • just dropping back in to this post to see the current status of VTOL support in the 3.2 release? Specifically tiltrotor Y6 configuration? Looking to get out of Mission Planner altogether if possible but we need that VTOL support for our firefly6.



  • Hi Adam, yes, exactly. UgCS will work with fixed wing, but you should tune your bird using MP.

    Regarding VTOL - most probably no. We never tested UgCS with VTOLs.

  • Hi guys - exactly the question I was going to ask, glad I searched first. We've been using UgCS with the P4 for about 5 months and it's great, but we're moving into more fixed wing and VTOL airframes (all using pixhawk) for long range surveillance. From the look of your response Alexey, the software should work but we'll need to do a bit of testing and adjusting ourselves?



  • Hi, no comments from community? This correlates with our statistics - only few UgCS customers use it with fixed-wings. But the common statistics almost the same - copters are dominating.

    We tested UgCS with ArduPlane and with hand launch only. Also we tested automatic belly landing with and without laser altimeter. You can find group of parameters to control automatic landing in vehicle profile.
    If you will have particular questions I'll ask our engineers to answer.

    Regarding support of px4 for fixed-wings - may be in 2.13.

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