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Display images onto UGCS

Started by Ethan Payne. Last reply by Alexey Dobrovolskiy Feb 13. 7 Replies

I've noticed that when analyzing flight logs with geotagged images, you're able to display the image centers. Is there a way to display the full image under that center?Continue

Tags: image displaying, UGCS

Errors with 3s RAW image trigger time @ Phantom 4 PRO

Started by Bodo Schütze. Last reply by Alexey Dobrovolskiy Feb 3. 6 Replies

Hello there,over the past year the RAW image trigger time with our Phantom 4 "PRO" has increased from 1 image every 2.x seconds to 4s. In early 2017 it was still possible to dial in any number for the trigger speed in UgCS and if you went too low/too fast, you would get an error *during flight* about the camera being too busy to process the current command.. those were the still pretty good days with that drone since we could get the most out of it. I think around 2.5s was a safe value.In…Continue

Latest version 2.13 intermittent speed on Phantom 4

Started by Cheaw Wen Guey. Last reply by Bodo Schütze Jan 29. 5 Replies

Just updated to the latest version.Did a few test flights and the speed of the drone is sometimes -1 of the targeted flight speed.Anyone have this problem too?Continue

HELP: No UCS connections

Started by plop85. Last reply by Artūrs Jan 22. 4 Replies

Hi,I try to connect UgCS with my P4P, Samsung Galaxy Prime, and my windows Surface 2 Pro.Everything seems to be ok:at the first side, the P4P is well connected to the Samsung Galaxy, I can use the App, I get the the other side, the computer runs UgCS client well.Both are connected in the same network: I made few combinaison;Computer make an wifi access point on wich the Android's device is connected.Android's device make an wifi access point on which the computer is connected.I use…Continue

Export telemetry crashing

Started by Robert Matthews. Last reply by Robert Matthews Jan 19. 2 Replies

Is anyone having issues with exporting telemetry and geo-tagging photos since the last update (2.13(401)).I'm using a M600 PRO, A3, LB2. the missions work perfectly and everything else is super stable, as always, but when I try to export the telemetry it will says it "converting telemetry" indefinitely 9/10 times. I have to restart the laptop completely several times before it will finally export. I did not have these issues with the previous version, I haven't tried rolling back because I…Continue

Track Log export

Started by Robert Matthews. Last reply by Robert Matthews Jan 12. 5 Replies

Happy New year to everyone.Is it possible to export the track log from the telemetry? any file format will do GPX, KML, KMZ etc.. really need this so I can send it to the client to show the exact area we surveyed.CheersRob.Continue

UGCS, DJi logs and Airdata

Started by Futurewise Aerial. Last reply by Futurewise Aerial Jan 9. 4 Replies

Hi, I am trying to get my flight logs together ready for my CAA renewal and it looks like i havent got any record of my UGCS flights within DJI nor Airdata. Now i am missing several months of logs!Is there any future compatibility between DJI and/or Airdata?Is there anyway i can retrieve my previous flights from UGCS? (i have had to uninstall and reinstall the program a number of time though)   thank youapologies for sending this as a message to everyone!Continue

Tags: logs, flight

mistake installing UgCS v 2.12

Started by Olaf. Last reply by Alexey Dobrovolskiy Dec 29, 2017. 7 Replies

Trying to install Vers. 2.12 I receive an error:Faild to run a post-install Service. Unknown error while running C:\program Files\UgCsBeta\java\java.exe-jar../../tools/unicode-escape/unicode-escape.jar -encoding utf-8../../server/ ../../server/ucs/ mistake with the geoserverWhen I try to start UgCS the following messages are displayed:service-manager stopped by userFahrzeug emulator stopped by usergeoserver stopped by userNo chance to start them manually,…Continue

Joystick Control with DJI M600

Started by Rowan Border. Last reply by Sam Worthington Dec 22, 2017. 9 Replies

I am attempting to use a joystick to control a DJI M600 with UgCS. However when I connect the M600 to UgCS via the UgCS for DJI android app no joystick control mode is available. Is joystick control for the DJI M600 not yet supported? Is this feature only available in commercial versions of UgCS?Thanks,RowanContinue

Terrain Following / DEM issue

Started by Robert Matthews. Last reply by Alexey Dobrovolskiy Dec 12, 2017. 10 Replies

Hello all, I seem to be having an issue with the DEM while planning a photogrammetry mission.When planning a photogrammetry mission today it seemed to be giving me a strange terrain following solution when using 0, 90, 180, 270 or anything close to those numbers for the "direction angle". If I choose 45 degrees (or something far away from the 4 main compass points) it gives a much better flight plan with good terrain following but if I choose 0, 90, 180, 270 etc.. degrees it will give a very…Continue

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Comment by DEEPESH PARATE on February 9, 2018 at 10:11am

I'm working on writing a parser code to convert xml exported from ugcs into a format suitable for paparazzi to use. The current flight plan xml that I have from ugcs has a completely different format from the one of paparazzi so I'm thinking of going for px4 flight plan. Can someone please tell me if it's going to be helpful or not?

Comment by Isabelle Heitz on February 2, 2018 at 11:29am

I have the same problem. How did you solve your problem ? 

Comment by belkacem guerbasse on November 20, 2017 at 8:22am
I installed the Android application I use a multirotor with a dji A3 I have a problem I have no indication of battery level
Comment by juan pablo gayoso on January 19, 2017 at 11:11am

is possible read mission file from UgCS to MissionPlanner, in both directions.

Comment by Marshall Cant on December 26, 2016 at 8:54am

I have the same problem.  My "Overshoot" field is also set to 0.

If you reduce overlap you also reduce the quality of the results.Pix 4D recommends 70% overlap (as does most other photogrammetry software).

Please explain how to correct this and have the UAV follow the outline of the area.



Comment by Alex on December 26, 2016 at 3:57am

Adam Kelly, you got to make lower Forward overlap to get not so big overshoots.

Comment by Adam Kelly on December 26, 2016 at 2:51am

Hi - I'm new to ugcs. I'm planning a mission and I keep getting big overshoots using the photogrammetry tool. I've attached a screen shot. Anyone know why this is happening? I have tried changing pretty much all the variables one at a time, nothing changes these overshoots. It suck up a lot of flight time to travel this extra distance.

Comment by andrew cutter on May 6, 2016 at 8:46am

Got reply back from UGCS on the use of tablet . Trying to find out whether pixhawk copter or fix wing is supported and working .

will work on the mobile tablet . All i could find was support for DJI . According to the email Android 5 and 6 is working ?

Comment by Eric Kubicka on August 16, 2015 at 2:19pm

If anyone is interested in beta testing our new logbook sync to UGCS let us know. We appreciate any takers/feedback. . 


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