I thought it was about time to start a U.K group, mainly due to the time difference between us and USA, so members can discuss their issues here and hopefully get the help they require sooner? Also it possible there is someone living not far away from yourself that you could swap ideas with and get first hand help and advice with your project.

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Any suggestions for additional pages e.t.c will be reviewed and then added if thought to be beneficial...


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  • Thanks all you guys. Really appreciate it.
  • I'm in Harlow :-)
  • Hi Mohammed,
    I am Anish, i live in London currently away in Mountain view. Be back in last week of August. Btw please feel free to sign up to Dronezone ( i am the organiser for that meetup :))
  • Hi Mohammad, I am happy to help too. Anything specific you having trouble with or need guidance.

    Feel free to join on http://www.meetup.com/DroneZone/ for meetups and workshops. If I can reassemble mine before next weekend I will be at the Old Croydon airport site next weekend.
  • Hey Mohammad. Happy to help. In Birmingham but travel to London quite a bit

  • Thanks Jared. Im adding u
  • Im in stratford. I can bring my arducopter over if thats ok with you. Lets talk more about arranging a time and date ?
  • Where abouts in London are you? I'm in Potters Bar.

    I'm no expert but have crashed mine so many times I can get it flying with my eyes closed :)

  • just find me on skype email is ox141jf@hotmail.co.uk

  • Thanks Jared. I can start with that.
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A Newbie Question

Hello there,Have waited a long time to finally dive into DIY drone construction, but after a few years I wanted to jump into something that I love, but have only experienced through other people.I'm willing to spend sometime and money to do this right, buying parts instead of one ready to go kit; but of course I would like advice.I don't want to get into something too involved too early, as I think caution and going slow to get to grips is probably the best way with these things.Found this…

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UK Newbie

Hi all,I am Jason - 42 years old in the Midlands UK.I have been a recreational quad flyer for just over a year - using a flywheel f450 with a go pro - no fpv set up yet.I run my own specialised cleaning business and have done for 10 years but i would like to become CAA certified and i am just about to book the course. I would like to then get a better set up and then slowly start doing some commercial work, probably free at first to build a portfolio before setting about trying to make a career…

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