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  • Hi Simon, that is a definite YES from me...
  • @Simon: Maybe you should make new thread instead of discussing this on group level...?

  • Hi all,

    I'm about to start building my third X8 tomorrow (crashed due to a horrible gust on launch at 6.6kg all up). I notice a lot of peeps are managing to put the batteries in the middle of the fuselage. Just wondering how people have managed to balance this for CoG? For my setup (albeit with a meaty 1.8kW potor & 16x10 prop) I have to have 2x 7s LiPos as far forward as possible to just get the CoG correct.

    Just interested if there is anything obvious I am overlooking? I want to keep the pitch inertia low by having everything heavy near the CoG if possible.

    All ideas welcome!

  • Simon

    I think fitting a fixed undercarriage would be straight forward enough. I'm using 3 inch wheels, you should be able to get plenty of clearance for the prop too. Might well try that myself! 

  • Chris,

    Cheers for the experience. I'm actually going to try and brave a non-retracting setup. Not too bothered about drag for my use. Going to try an Alpha Wing "U" shaped main gear and a steerable noseleg at the front, with some beefy 4.5-5" wheels. I'll let you know how it goes!

    Will get a 3 blader for sure, good idea!

  • Hi Simon

    I think you will need very long undercarriage legs if you choose to use a 16 inch prop. I use a 3 bladed prop to reduce its diameter, it helped reduce the undercarriage leg length.

    I found the X8 tricky when it came to retracting undercarriage. I'm still not happy with the set up. If you choose a reasonably large prop, you have to use legs that a too long - and beefing up the bottom of the airframe to mount them is not that easy either.

    Another thing is that if you have the legs fold towards the centre of the airframe you are limited to having the leg length to a maximum of half the airframe width, which means your prop diameter has to reduce or it will hit the ground on take off. This makes the mounting reinforcement hard to make nicely because there is little to glue/mount onto.  

    I have mine fold forward towards the centre of the airframe - but this moves the C of G forward when they fold up. So the CofG is aft on take off and moves forward shortly after take off when they retract. Not good, I have been considering a moving weight that counteracts this. Not implemented anything though.

    I'm flying a PC in mine - I'm thinking of changing to the X10 wing - I think I'd have more chance of getting a better compromise in terms of the undercarriage, prop and carrying more weight, which looks to be a critical factor with your payloads. 



  • Has anyone flying the X8 with a 16" prop (or close to) fitted retracts/landing gear? If so, what length gear & diameter wheels are you using?

  • Awesome, thanks guys!  Quick turn-around Waz, appreciate it man!  Wessie, if you have a laser cut template worth sharing, I think I have access to laser cutter here in San Diego.. If not I can definitely use the picture below..


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