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ESC behavior in face of overcurrent

Hi all,

What happens if you try to overdrive your ESCs (e.g. put a big motor on a 10A ESC and throttle it all the way up)? Will most ESCs limit the current, or will they deliver the current and possibly overheat?

I think my ESCs may be limiting my payl

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QGroundControl with Ardupilot 2.7.x?

Hi, wondering if anyone has gotten QGroundControl to work with recent versions of the APM.

I am able to connect, and it works for getting / setting waypoints, and it seems to put the copter in the right place on the map initially. However, the artific

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Altitude hold no longer working...

Hi all, I had sonar ()MB1200/EZ0) altitude hold working fine with my arducopter APM1 1280 board. Just upgraded to APM2 purple board and now when I switch to alt hold the copter drops to the ground. Sonar altitude numbers look fine when I test it indo

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