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GPS Glitch / Loss of GPS

Hi all, 

I'm having a GPS issue. 

The problem was identified during an auto mission. The aircraft started drifting so the mission was aborted. 

The logs reveal several GPS glitches (pic attached), but also complete, intermittent loss of GPS. It bounced

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Now Hiring- Mission PLanner/ Pix Hawk Expert

My company is looking to hire a consultant whom will help write params and evaluate mission planner logs.

Log troubleshooting expertise and sensor integration are tasks we are looking for assistance.

If you are looking for part time work and are an exp

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MP 1.3.23 "error receiving log list"

I've got me usb cable hooked straight into pixhawk (V3.2.1) and keep getting an "error receiving log list". I'm stuck. I tried downloading over telemerty, no luck either. 

Has anyone seen or know what is going on?



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High Compass offsets

I'm stumped. Any help/suggestions is much appreciated. 

I swapped out Pixhawk and GPS/Compass module into a new airframe. Same airframe, just new. 

The motors are same, but new, as well as the ESC. The only other addition to the acft is a 12V regulator

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