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Building a fully autonomous hex-copter for use with Search and Rescue.



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Ajai Sehgal replied to Bernt Christian Egeland's discussion Strange behaviour in AUTO mode, 3DR Hexacopter.
"Seems like there have been many instance of a runaway climb in Auto and Loiter modes that I have read on the forums (or seen personally). Is it possible that this is being caused by not setting the new tuning values as per Randy in the V2.9 / V2.9.1…"
Mar 17, 2013
Ajai Sehgal replied to Thomas's discussion Thottle in LOITER mode
"A side effect of this is that if your hover throttle position is not centered, you can get a runaway climb when you flip to loiter.  Apparently this can happen in auto mode at the end of a mission when loitering above the LZ (a friend's quad climbed…"
Mar 17, 2013
Ajai Sehgal replied to Ajai Sehgal's discussion Yaw input caused hexcopter (on V2.9) to invert (followed by crash).
"Solved.  Bad BEC (Hobbyking x3-6 mini BEC) caused the APM to fail resulting in spurious inputs to the motors.  Removed the BEC and everything appears to work (except the GPS which was destroyed)."
Feb 1, 2013
Ajai Sehgal posted a discussion
Has anyone had a yaw input cause an immediate flip to full inverted?  At this point it was about 75ft up and unrecoverable so I cut the motors to lessen the impact velocity.  All damage was easily repairable.  This is a 3DR hexab with v2.9 firmware.…
Feb 1, 2013