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arduplane Automatic flight to alt 2414m

Disclaimer:- DIYDRONES does not advocate or condone any RC flights beyond LOS or above 400'AGL. Do not try this. This APM assisted FPV was supposedly attempted in Russia. Such Flights may be illegal in many parts of the  world. Members/ Diy UAV enthusiasts are advised to check with local regulations/authorities for required permits & comply. DiyDrones bears no responsibility for such action.


Prototype of the compact UAV on the basis of popular model of the radio-controlled EasyStar plane

Basic characteristics of a glider:

initial look:


Material ELAPOR
Wingspan: 137 cm / 2400 quarter sm.
Loading: 3,28 kg/sq.m
Fuselage length: 86,3 cm
Weight: 680 g

Changes are made to a plane design:

Ailerons are cut through
The rudder is increased by 100%
the tail beam (3 carbonic rods 1мм at sides and a bottom) is reinforced
wings are straightened t and in this position are reinforced by three bars everyone
the niche in a tail beam under the 7-inch screw is cut out
servo are mounted near surfaces

motor 250w 2200KV
esc turnigy plush 30A
APC 7*5

This configuration  gives near 1kg pool (static measurement) that allows to provide reliable take-off.


APM 2.5 flight controller
GPS external mediatek 3329 speed of updating of data 10Hz
Voltage sensor
The separate UBEC power supply for avionics

FPV equipment:

720 lines camera  with high sensitivity
Video the transmitter 5,8GHz 200mw
video receiver 5,8GHz
FatShark video glasses


Zippy Flymax 3S 5000ma  (external  on the bottom of a fuselage)

3689520279?profile=originalRussian style hummer-drones laboratory

3689520251?profile=originalmotor and esc

3689520356?profile=originalelevator servo and rudder size

3689520426?profile=originalrc receiver and self-made apm2

3689520337?profile=originalfoam door to communication box

3689520382?profile=originalcamera and battery

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Allegro acs756 current sensor for arducopter

allegro current sensor



The sensor is galvanically isolated from the circuit, but in contrast to the classical current sensor shows not only the battery discharge and charge it (eg energy recovery in airplanes)
but because of this, at zero current output, exactly half the supply voltage (for classical sensors autopilot 0) ie 2.5 volts.

to correct this misunderstanding to change firmware code

defines.h  change

#define CURRENT_AMPS(x) ((x*(g.input_voltage/1024.0))-g.curr_amps_offset)*g.curr_amp_per_volt


parameters.pde add

    // @Param: AMP_OFFSET
    // @DisplayName: current sensor zero calibration
    // @Description: in volts
    GSCALAR(curr_amps_offset,      "AMP_OFFSET", CURR_AMPS_OFFSET),

parameters.h  add

      k_param_curr_amps_offset = 193,

      AP_Float        curr_amps_offset;

//#ifndef CURR_AMPS_OFFSET   
 # define CURR_AMPS_OFFSET               0.0


archive with source and HEX file for quaid "x"  APM2 here

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Arduino mode switch for Arduplane / arducopter



HK 6ch v2 mixer settings


cable for TX configuration from PC this
utility DigitalRadio
configure chanel to range1000-2000 ms.



psb and skin




Arduino code

s1 - s5 & LEDS connected to analog pins 1-5
its numbers from 14 to 18

#define AnalogOut 10 // PWM out
int SelBtn = 14; // default
int BtnLevels[19];

void setup()

//5 of 6 modes

BtnLevels[14] = 0; // 1 button
BtnLevels[15] = 84;
BtnLevels[16] = 127;
BtnLevels[17] = 169;
BtnLevels[18] = 255; // 5 button
//force pwm
TCCR1B = 0x01;
pinMode(SelBtn, OUTPUT);
analogWrite (AnalogOut, BtnLevels[SelBtn]);
void loop()

void ScanBtns()
for  (int i=14; i <= 18; i++)

void ScanBtn(int ScanPin)
if (SelBtn != ScanPin) 
pinMode(ScanPin, INPUT);
if (digitalRead(ScanPin)==0)
      SelBtn = ScanPin;
      while (digitalRead(ScanPin)==0); // hold scaning until relise button
      pinMode(ScanPin, OUTPUT);

void unsetOther(int excludePin)
for  (int i=14; i <= 18; i++)
    if (i != excludePin)
        pinMode(i, INPUT);
analogWrite (AnalogOut, BtnLevels[excludePin]);

TX  Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch  :



PSB Layout & chematic download
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Globaltop PA6C Gps module

  • based on new mediatek 3339  chipset
  • Real sattelite fix time 5-7s (in home too) before ardupilot is calibrated -module always get lock
  • high accuracy
  • pin-compatible with APM2.0  & PA6B (previous 3329 chipset) adapter



get download tool & firmware with preset 38400 bps, GPGGA, GPVTG strings - for compatibility with Ardupilot/Arducopter software download here

configure arduino sketch APM_Config.h add this:


in libraries fix bug in module AP_GPS_NMEA.cpp (AC ver 2.7.3 / ap 2.6)

find uint16_t frac_min

and change to uint32_t frac_min

to pin 4 connect 5,5V 0.22F ionistor type EECS0HD224V Panasonic



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