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X-8 Leveling Reference Point

As of the more recent versions of ArduPlane, the firmware no longer does an automatic level on startup.  Instead, that has become one of the initial startup steps when installing it in a new plane.

In the past, I have glued a bubble sight onto the rea

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Auto Takeoff Sequencing Problem

I've been working with the Auto Takeoff macro and have experienced the problem where the throttle goes to "max" as soon as AUTO mode is selected. 

The documentation and other posts tell me that I should close the throttle and put the APM in AUTO mode.

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APM Planner Unable to Connect

I just tried the update from 1.1.83 to 1.1.87 and now an unable to connect to the airplane.  No changes to the hardware, but the connect window keeps getting params and says "Already got ..." for a while, then aborts.  I'm using a Dell laptop with i7

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Maestro Tracking and Telemetry Files

My Az-El mount is sitting on the bench, almost ready to go to the field.  But, it doesn't seem ready yet.  The hardware was set up and ranges configured with the Maestro Control Center.  Azimuth is on channel zero and elevation on channel one.  I set

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Compass Fails Initialization

I'm using an APM2 from the first batch and am, having some trouble with the compass/magnetometer enable setting.  The board set has been flying and I'm just investigating the compass as prep to moving it to a quad.

I can check Planner's enable box for

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APM2 AUTO Modes Commanding Nose Down

I'm working with an APM2 after months of experience with an APM1 in an EasyStar.  The new APM2 has an airspeed sensor and typically shows 8-10 mph when sitting on the bench.  On its last flights, we tested Manual and got the plane trimmed and flying

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No Boot on Battery/ESC or UBEC

I've been testing my purple board through the USB and it works good enough to replace an ArduPilot Mega 1 on an EasyStar.  Everything is connected and the power jumper is in so the ESC is supplying system power.

But, the APM2 will not start up on eith

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Unable to Update to Version 1.1.18

I've tried to use Mission Planner's self update from the Help screen with two different older versions of Planner on two different computers.  They both hang up at the same point with a 404 error. 

A screen shot of the error is attached.

Has anyone els

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Problem Connecting to an APM2 board.

I'm using Planner 1.1.14 with a new APM2 purple board, Win XPpro and the Atmega2560 inf driver file from the repository.

Planner loads and verifies version 2.27 firmware but it does not connect to the APM2.  I have used Putty and it does reset the APM

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