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Using the ArduPilot without a Shield

Working up a system towards use in a ground effect model to be flown over water.


To get thinks started I would like to use the ArduPilot without a shield board, ie no airspeed measurement or X:Y sensors. This way Ican test the functionality of the cr

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FTDI Basic Breakout

Confused as to which voltage device I need to purchase to programme the ArduPilotIntend to run the ArduPilot from my brushless ESC which has a 5v BEC supply. Had thought I need to buy a 5v FTDI board but links on Sparkfun direct you to the 3.3v versi

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ArduPilot Shield

Looking at the possibility of building a navigation only system as a starter for 10.Can someone direct me to a circuit diagram for the ArduPilot Shield board please.Unsure if I need the board as have no desire at this point in time to measure air spe

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