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Aerospace Engineer. Entrepreneur.

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We live, move, do things all the time, but never think about how incompetent we are in this 3-dimensional world. There is a crucial underlying gap between the nature and the human desires. Today UAVs are in its infancy and as time advances also as the technology matures, I see UAVs bridging this gap.


Mumbai, India

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Anuj Saboo commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post NDVI Post-Processing in Fiji
"Thanks for this info. I have a question How do you add NDVI -1 to +1 scale in the images.?"
Jun 8, 2014
Anuj Saboo replied to Anuj Saboo's discussion what should be the safe mode, if a Fixed Wing Loses GPS connection.
"I am new to drone world. Not familiar with the lingo. What does RTL stand for.

May 18, 2014
Anuj Saboo replied to Pedals2Paddles's discussion Battery failsafe: RTL vs Land
"New to this lingo, what does RTL stand for."
May 17, 2014
Anuj Saboo posted a discussion
Hi,My Discussion title sums it all up. I am working on a fixed wing drone and i was wondering what will a fixed wing do if it loses the GPS signal. If a quadcopter looses Gps it starts to hover and maintain attitude. what would be the best solution…
May 17, 2014