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Director of Technology Outreach, DC Area Drone Users Group

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-Arduplane -Algorithm development -Flight testing


San Diego, CA

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Brandon Jones commented on Jason Short's blog post ArduBalance sneak preview

Wow! Are you sure there isn't an invisible training wheel on there? It looks so stable!"
Aug 7, 2012
Brandon Jones left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"@Tomas:  The best way is to directly look at the code, attitude.pde and navigation.pde.  It is commented pretty well.  From the wiki just click on the source tab and browse...
Jul 25, 2012
Brandon Jones left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"F11: Nice! I just didn't want to assume your aircraft configuration, but yes, if it is a stock ZII then you'd want to configure for elevons..."
May 28, 2012
Brandon Jones left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
I don't have experience with that specific TX, but you need to get control surfaces to work properly in manual mode first. This is so you can always safely take over. Once you get that working, it is a matter of configuring APM for…"
May 28, 2012
Brandon Jones replied to Mike Goza's discussion ACM 2.2b2 compilation problems
"I get the same error with Arduplane 2.28 and 2.27.

arduino-0022-relaxpatch works fine however..."
Jan 20, 2012
Brandon Jones commented on Justin's blog post Russian 18th century Mathematician Vector Fields Guidance vs Now
"How is the heading/roll autopilot different between the two navigation control law examples? "
Jan 5, 2012
Brandon Jones replied to W. D. Michael's discussion Mystery Ublox Hardware
"Is that board from the eval kit? I am interested in obtaining a LEA-4T board....Where did you stumble upon that board?

Jun 3, 2011