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IR sensors affecting pitch trim.

I was viewing RCgroups UAV pages and came across this statement:"Beamer, I suggest putting the IR on the bottom or else your pitch trim will change as the sun heats your wing."I've experienced pitch trim changes that I couldn't account for and this m

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Power input for Ardupilot (revised)

Chris,One set of instructions states, "If, however, you want to to power both the RC system and the ArduPilot board from the same source, just solder wires from the power pins in an unused servo port on ArduPilot to the BATT + and - holes."Another se

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Jeti ESC issues

I've been pulling my hair out(what little is left!) trying to diagnose why my ardupilot setup worked as expected except for the throttle response. Finally traced it to my ESC. I have the Jeti advance 40 ESC controlling an AXI motor. Replaced it with

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No throttle input from Tx.

Hi,I've got everything working on my UAV; all hardware connected, software downloaded. When power is on, the LEDs tell me I've got a GPS fix, the power is on and I have control of elevator rudder and ailerons. When I flip the CH 5 switch, the MUX lig

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