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Pixhawk connectors

On last days I listen some comments from APM-Pikhawk users about vulnerable wires and connectors for GPS, RM, etc. on my oun, I experienced failed gps wires from new (original) and RM one with some flying time and saw others with "NO GPS" problems, t

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How you storage your cuad?

I saw many options to storage planes but nothing about cuads; mines goes from worktablet to the floor and from the floor to the tablet, not ideal storage :O , I'm thinking on something to hang on the wall, can you share any ideas? Thank's :) 

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Optimizing my first quad

3691185006?profile=originalThis was the first fly of my baby, it was my first build, I like it because it's very strong and allows me to learn without crash damages, and a great code that support all design errors, but now I'm on a second stage, I learn somethings and now I wa

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Compass interferences

I have an APM2.5 with internal compass, my compass motor interference is a little high 30-40% I calibrate compass, etc. but always the copter turns 20-30 degrees rigth when I take off and stays there, can I resolve changing COMPASS- DEC? my value is

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My second cuad, a Tarot 650

Hello, I'm finishing my second cuad, a Tarot 650 :)


and I want to share with this comunity that help me a lot.

The objetives:

Build a more efficient cuad (than the first)  that can fly minimun 15-20 mins carring a camera and using the knowledge that I l

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Catapult for a Skywalker plane

3691129139?profile=originalBefore a long time and many practice I learn to hand launch my Sw 168 but I'm not confort because I'm a small woman and it's an efford for me to launch my hevy sw with FPV, camera APM I saw Brett catapult and decided to build one


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Aerial Photograph for agriculture purposes

Hello, my name is Alejandrina, I'm Ingenieer in agronomy production from Argentine I' m an Ardupilot  happy owner for my new Skywalker, I'm newbie with RC and autopilot, my idea is to obtain aerial photos of the crops to help me to decide fertilizati

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