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Radian to Multiplex Power transfer

3689509681?profile=original This week I was busy making a propeller hub for the Radian pro propeller blades  and welded  the motor mount to the aluminum spine that is going to run down the center of the Multiplex easy Star . The Radian pro motor is a tractor motor. So rather than turn it around and mount it on the Easy Star and run it backwards causing the motor to pull against the mounting bolts and possible issues pulling a internal thrust bearing the wrong way I cut the motor shaft off mounted it the right way around and made a propeller hub for the folding blades that mounts on and pushes against the back of the motor (I was thinking of taking it over to the tire place and see if they could balance it? he he) if it doesn't work I will go out and buy a proper motor and prop. I also cut out the Flaperons for the wings  I am going to look into wing stiffening and since I fly out my back door  I can make the wing attached to the plane one piece You Guys Have a Great Day!

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Aluminum spine for Multiplex Easy Star

Hi guys I had an opportunity build the aluminum spine to put between the 2 haves of the Multiplex Easy star this week
3689508052?profile=original3689508031?profile=originalWhat I observed on you tube Foam planes don't stand up to impact very well when they hit the ground they break in half or they suffer from compression damage the foam compresses loosing it's original shape . The problem I had with the Radian pro was when you turned the rudder the tail would flex the fuselage independent of the front end The idea of the spine is to give some rigidity to the fuselage the Radian motor and propeller are much bigger than the Easy stars I made the new motor mount for the Radian pro motor and I just have to weld it to the spine then I can laminate the 2 haves of the Easy Star to it.I am extending the fuselage2 3/4 inches and making the rudder and elevator bigger 
I am going to "the big city tomorrow night and the hobby shop to look at ways to reinforce the wings I just fly out my backdoor so I can leave the wings assembled and join them permanently together Im going with "flaperons and might "flatten the wing tips . Have a Great Day!

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Radian pro to Multiplex Easy Star rebuild


 ( Sorry for the crappy photo )  It's time to retire the Radian pro after logging over 100 flights in the past year The wings are pretty well mush from flexing so much. Spring is just around the corner and I am going to
"Morph the Radian pro into a Multiplex easy star I live and fly near a significant body of water and there is always a breeze here you get a on shore breeze in the morning and a off shore breeze
in the afternoon The radian pro doesn't penetrate the wind very well unless you keep the air speed up in a shallow dive then you risk ripping the wings off when you pull out. The wing tips flex
up over a foot or more .If you get into turbulance and a wing drops you push the opposite rudder to bring it back up and the whole fusalage bends and nothing happens. When the breeze is blowing
you have to "nurse it around carefully with the rudder and airlerons and try not to pull to many "g's". In less than 5 mph wind is when it flies best when there is a light breeze blowing against
the cliff and the seagulls are soaring 150 feet up I have soared right beside them with the engine off just giving it short bursts when needed for up to an hour I only crashed twice. Once I
stayed up to long and the battery went dead and all I could do was watch as the off shore breeze pushed it towards the edge of the cliff and the lake. It landed in a bush 3 feet from going over
the edge. The other time it flew into the bright sun light the next time I seen it The tail was sticking up in the center of the bean field . I dinged the prop and replaced it 3 times (once it
tried to eat the coffee table) I used 2 batteries at around 47 flights the original battery swelled up round and wouldn't charge. I stripped the elevator servo the Very first flight and replaced
it with a standard size hightec servo I modified the fusulage for.I put balsa skids on the wings along side the aileron and flap servo horns for protection for landing .The left wing was
heavier than the right wing right out of the box and I had to put 6 thumb tacks in the right wing 3/4 of the way out to get it to balance level side to side I had "crow programmed in
but I never used it The flaps were adequate , with no wind ( which was rare) it would float in ground effect . I had mine given to me by my boys . It is not a "first plane," down wind or in a
dive it accellerates quickly. A Newbie would end up with a lot of broken foam on the plus the hobby shop can get parts readily. I wouldn't go out and buy another one .
For the Easy star it is going to have an alunimum spine down the center stretch the fuslage 2 3/4 inches, larger rudder and elevaror , either airlerons, flaperons or ailerons and flaps.and I
am going to reinforce the wing "right out of the box change the radian motor from a Tractor to a pusher machine a prop hub so I can use the radian folding prop
MyF4 Phantom I am going to leave it stock maby a bright led on the front.There is a abandoned WW2 air strip about an hour north of here shaped like a triangle the farmer utilizes 2 ofthe
runways the other is left open it is not marked on the charts any more but pilots know it is there and use it as a" Emergency strip" .I know the farmer, back in the day I would land there and
bring him a coffee from 'Timmys' I am going to fly the F4 there. When I take it out I am bringing along a bunch of guys that want to see it fly and 4 fire extinguishers From what I have seen of
Vidieos of the F4 you have to keep the airspeed up it has a long takeoff and rool out on landing it glides like a brick and you have to "Fly" it onto the runway .
` I just have to repower my alunimum scratch build and it is ready to go! A jet cat gas turbine would fit right in where the 32 EDF was without a'majour modification . Or I go with a piston engine
put the engine in the middle near the center of gravity and run a shaft out the back with a thrust bearing and a folding prop? Or I could mount the engine on a pilon and make it into a "flying
boat and use my dive boat as a "Chase vehicle'!. You Guys have a Great Day!

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Back At it

It has been a while but I am back at it . I made my first video the other day and with the help of Rainer Keller  and Chris Anderson  I finally figured out the path to post it on here to  show you guys. 

I Got a Midland XTC200 personal action cam strapped it to my Radian Pro and went flying . At my place on the farm there is a 150 foot cliff down to Lake Erie . The wind was blowing  30 knots up  over the cliff. (when you are eager to try something new,  sometimes reason takes the back seat !) I launched the plane,  about 100 feet up it caught the wind shear and was immediately blown 1/4 mile down wind."It was a Hand full"and I managed to land OK  right side up.

 Some of you guys might be wondering how my scratch built Aluminum air plane with the 32 EDF  turned out ? I assembled all the pieces and hung it from a rafter in the barn with the tail down and the nose up at full power it barely" hoovers " not  The performance I am looking for I want it to be able to climb straight up from stationary at half throttle . The Battery is way heavier than I had anticipated . (all you experienced guys can say "  Ha Ha I told You so!") My options are get a second EDF(make the same mistake twice) a Gas turbine or a 50cc Gas propeller engine . Meanwhile my radian pro is starting to show it's age I bought a Multiplex Easy Star a while back (box of foam) The radian is still flying down the road I am going to "Morph" The radian pro into the Multiplex  It is going to have an aluminum "Spine down the center joining the two haves together . You guys have a Great day!

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Trip to Candy Store!

First sorry for the blurry pictures the camera on my phone is crap. I have been back to the phone store 3 times to get a new one and every time there is a line up of kids getting new electronic devises for school and they tell me there is an hour wait. I just give up and leave. I live in the boonies and about once a month I make a pilgrimage to the big city and the hobby shop for parts for my scratch build .When I am in the city I spend the night at a motel I call the "South pacific " The back ground with the ocean,beach and palm tree is actually a mural on the wall of the motel room.The proprietor and I have an "understanding" I give him $cash he folds it puts it in his pocket no paper work.(I let him know a week ahead I am coming.)Cash still works in Canada and once you are out of the main populated Cor odor
3689475967?profile=original3689475935?profile=original3689475815?profile=original3689475993?profile=original in most places  there is little cell phone coverage or Debit machines  Satellite phones are catching on in the far North
Yesterday I walked into the hobby shop to pick up a strip of balsa and some nylon make the rudder for my scratch build and some thing "Magical Happened ?"
I walked out with  a F4 Phantom 32 DF. platnum series The power train for my scratch build was designed for it. I have everything to build the plane excpt the retractable landing gear I am going to file it away and save it for my'"Winter Project".I am going to continue building the scratch build and try it out and if ther is not enough power I already got the "Guts "for the Phantom and I will go to another means of propulsion like a Jet cat turbine . a gas propeller or a large electric prop.While I was in the big city
We went to a flick at "Silver City " and in the lobby is a mobile of a guy peadling a bomb with flappin gwings and the propeller turning . Have a Nice day!

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My T-drone project update

My wing is complete now I am back to working on the fuselage. Having left the fuselage for a while I have come up with some different Ideas for it. My Eflite 6s 22.2v 5000ah 30c lipo battery is about a pound more than I figured on. So I took the air frame back to the shop and lightened it up even more I cut out the material between every other hole along The sides into diamond shapes and spent 1/2 a day drilling more holes in it .It is as light as it is going to get.  Unless I put a heilum bladder inside the fuslage and fill the Tundra tires with heilum as well ? I got a dual AR 7010 reciever when I got a 2.4 mhz module for my Futaba 9c I am going to separate the two recievers about 42 inches apart one at the front of the plane and one  above the plane at the rear in a plastic dome I am going to mount hte  Lypo batteryand the Castle Creations P
3689475543?profile=original3689475450?profile=original3689475568?profile=originalhoenix ice 100 ESC
one above and below a shelf at the front of the plane. Cooling air will come straight through the front and into the 80 mm Delta 32 EDF.I work from sketches heres is the latest sketch . You guys have a Great Day!

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"T Drone Update

Hi Guys I got the wing covered With Ultra Cote from a roll I bought 25 years ago when I first got into R.C.and added flaps and Ailerons out of solid Balsa. mounted with 1/2 inch nylon hinges with a brass cotter pin I put black markings on the bottom of the wing so I will know if it is right side up or not I am debating putting 1 3/4 inch slats 3/4 of an inch ahead of the leading edge to give it "STOL" performance I think I will leave it the way it is for now and finish the build I still have to iron it a couple of more times to get all the wrinkles out. It is not professional Quality but it is certainly stronger than the wings on my radian pro the wing root is aluminum and the ribs are 1/16 inch balsa and a carbon fiber reinforced leading edge the voids between the ribs are filled with 666 psi high density spray foam it is 78 inches by 9 inches(702 Sq in) and weighs a pound and a half  There are 2 metal gear servos for the flaps and ailerons in the middle it will be attached to the fuselage with 4 bolts with a nylon angle of incidence" wedge" in between. Here are some pix of the build. You guys have a great day!3689471049?profile=original3689471112?profile=original3689471133?profile=original3689471155?profile=original

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Rebuild to EDF

Hi Guys  It has been a while .My plane is probably 1/2  built  I has been "modified and is now a EDF. I covered one of the wings with ultra cote  I have to re iron it a couple of more times to get it smooth You think you got it leave it for a while come back and you find spots you missed I started covering the ailerons and flaps also. Then I have to put on the hinges and rigging to the servos in the center of the wing . I found out just recently  the word Lypo and Lead start with the same letter and are not much off as far as weight goes ! In the picture of the batteries on your left is the 6s 22.2v 5000mah 30 c lipo that weighs as much as the plane beside it the little green thing is the lipo out of  my radian pro to give it  some scale and on your right is the 100amp phoenix ice ESC by castle They are going to be suspended  in front of the EDF for cooling. The fuselage still weighs under a pound  I added air scoops on each side and drilled many more holes to take the added weight back off . The EDF is mounted on "U" shaped nylon rails  I have to make a thrust tube behind the EDF and re cut the foam I already made for the fuselage  I am going to cover the Exoskeleton and fuselage foam with Rip stop nylon Sail repair tape. I have to build a elevator and I am going to laminate a over sized partially balanced rudder . I might make it a tail dagger
3689467395?profile=original3689467487?profile=original3689467571?profile=original with "Tundra tires" ( I still have the landing gear out of the "Somthin Extra and a 26 cc gas engine if this doesn't work) also is a picture of one of the  full size metal gear servos for the rudder and elevator at the back of the plane. You guys have a good day!

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"T Drone "Power Plant


Hi guys I decided to make the "T Drone an EDF and if it doesn't fly? well ? I will suck it up and maby try a glow engine on a pylon .I got a 80 mm  Delta 32 EDF out of a Habu  The brochure says  in a static lab test it puts out 5.4 pounds of thrust and a lab test in a Habu 4.8 pounds of thrust . I don't plan on zipping all over the sky like the guys with the jets do even though I will be the same weight . My plane has a very efficient high lift high aspect ratio air foil it carrys the cord right to the wing tip with no taper and with the wind shear coming over the bank here once I get to altitude I can pretty well shut the motor off and glide he whole time l like I do with the radian pro now that I "committed "on a power plant the only decision I have to make is should I put it in a streamlined pod on top of the wing? Or mount it in the fuselage? It willonly take up 12" with the thrust tube and the interior volume I have to work with is 36" by 5" by 3 3/4 " Have a great day".3689463683?profile=original3689463767?profile=original

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