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Best Way to Mount APM2

I am looking for advice on how to mount my APM2 board.

I plan to first put it on a Bixler with a Bixler-electronics chassis purchased from the DIY-Drones Store and then later on a Tri or Quad copter.

In looking around I think people are using foam tape

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Bixler 3D Model

Does anyone have a 3D model of a Bixler or Bixler-like airframe?  Or maybe just the front of the fuselage? 

I wand to model some Add-ons for it like maybe a Go-Pro holder and other snap in accessories for my planes and them have them printed or laser

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Quadcopter vs. Tricopter

I am preparing to build my first multi-rotor copter and my question is this... What are the pros and cons of Quadcopters vs Tricopters.  It seems most of the people on DIY Drones use quadcopters but people like David Windestall, also known as Dadde87

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Anybody know what type of connector this is?

I recently purchased a video transmitter and can't figure out where to get plugs to fit it or what kind they are in order to make a wiring harness.

It is a four pin connector similar to a LiPo balancing connector but not the same.

I would really appr

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Video Transmitter Connector Cable

I recently purchased this video transmitter and am trying to figure out what type of connector is between the transmitter and its input pigtail. 


Does anyone know what this is and where I can buy some with wire leads?


I want to adapt it to my rc rig

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