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Nitro Heli Vibration!! Need help.

  Dear Diydrone members, I am stuck and I really hope that one of you might be able to help me. As indicated in my previous post I am able to successfully build and fly a 450 size electric heli. I have a 50 size nitro heli and I wanted to make it aut

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Traditional heli build.


   The traditional heli wiki has a page on how to setup traditional heli. However it is very old and it talks of APM 2.X rather than the current PixHawk. I build a traditional heli and it fly’s pretty good. For other people who might want to build th

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DF13 cables

 Now that 3DR no longer carries DF13 cables, many people are having trouble getting hold on to them. So I am starting a thread where hopefully people who have information can share where we can get this from.


 Some Chinese vendors do provide pre-crim

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Sonar Mount for newer 3D Quad.

  The new 3D robotics quad Kit does not come with sonar mount bar. In that case, I was wondering how people install the sonar on it. I have a Sonar mount from the old quad but it does not fit in the new quad. I was wondering how other people have ins

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3 set of APM 1.0 for sale.

  I have upgraded all my vehicles to APM2.5 or PIX HAWK. Which means that the old APM 1.0 I had are lying on my bench unused. They are perfeclty good pieces of hardware and I am sure some one can put it to good use. So if you want it please let me kn

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SimonK firmware for the old 3DRobotics ESC.


   I have some of the old ESC's shipped by 3dRobotics. It does not have the SimonK firmware. I was wondering if I can flash it with the SiminK firmware. If yes then what setting do we use to build the firmware. By “setting”, I mean what is this type

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No boot loader installed in the Mega2560 ?

   I got a brand new APM1 recently. I soldered it quickly. But when I tried to upload the firmware the mission planner could not detect the APM version. I have not debugged it completely bit seems that it does not have the boot loader. It also appear

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brakes activated in one of the motors

   As indicated in the manual I programmed the ESC by connecting it directly to the throttle channel of the receiver. I connected all the 4 motor together so that it can be programmed simultaneously. It works fine however it appears that one

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Params file for the Quad

   In the download area I see the params file for airplanes ( bixler, etc). However I do not see any params file for the Arducopter Quad. Mine is the 3D robotics Quad frame. Can someone please point me to a location where I can get the params file.

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