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rpm/kv calculations


Im thinking on getting a set of four eflite park 400 brushless motors that are 890 kilo volts. My goal is to lift a bit more weight.

Whats a good formula or source to measure the rpms per kv? and what type of changes on the PID values would someo

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Odd accelerometer behavior

Hi there. Im back.


I have been trying to lift my quad with no luck. All props are installed OK, wen in CLI, i run setup/motors and they all do the right thing when the elevator stick is up, down, left, right.


When I do a hand test ( with props on)  I

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RC Calibration issues

Ealier I was able to see the green lines on the Transmitter calibration tab moving.  After fidling wih the settings they dont move. I re-installed the firmware and got the GPS, and all the raw data to show. Now, for some reason I cant calibrate or se

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