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Diego posted a discussion
HelloIm thinking on getting a set of four eflite park 400 brushless motors that are 890 kilo volts. My goal is to lift a bit more weight.Whats a good formula or source to measure the rpms per kv? and what type of changes on the PID values would…
Dec 6, 2011
Diego posted a discussion
Hi there. Im back. I have been trying to lift my quad with no luck. All props are installed OK, wen in CLI, i run setup/motors and they all do the right thing when the elevator stick is up, down, left, right. When I do a hand test ( with props on) …
Nov 24, 2011
Diego replied to Dane's discussion Arducopter 2.0.38 quad always wants to flip
"Did you ever solved this issue??  I love the vids, your dog reminds me of mine.  Since your quad hovered for a bit, all motors and props are connected.
Did you ever figured the problem?"
Nov 18, 2011
Diego commented on Max Levine's blog post Video Stabilization - Easy, Fast, FREE !!!
"HAHAHA thats sweet... i saw that on the tools a while back but never used it..."
Nov 14, 2011
Diego replied to Diego's discussion RC Calibration issues
"TX and RX are bound because if I turn off and on the transmitter, I se the led in the rx turn on and off."
Nov 12, 2011
Diego replied to Diego's discussion RC Calibration issues
"Mhhh I have just plugged a fresh battery and nothing.. before, the PPM led would respond ( blink faster) as i would push the throttle up!!!
Would this problem have to do with the firmware or settings?? do i need to reload any software to the APM??"
Nov 12, 2011
Diego replied to Diego's discussion Sensor data not showing in flight data
"Thank you Mike... Im getting  bigger batteries.. if you siggest some please do.
As far a s calibration.. yes.. i did the manual calibration on channel 3.. and when pluged like that. the motor works.
Props are off!!!
What would the APM invalid…"
Nov 12, 2011
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Nov 12, 2011