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2.0.47 Default PID's Question

It seems that with each revision the default PID's seem to change. My question is are those PID changes because we found a better match or the testing airframe (assuming default arducopter airframe) or are their actual code changes that require highe

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APM will not init in fly mode

I took the tri out a bit ago for a test hover on a new battery to try and get a baseline for battery consumption. All went well, no crash or hard landings...


I just tried to take a second flight and the APM will not init. After powering the tri the A

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Altitude Hold

I have two ArduCopters... One with the 850kv motors, 10x45 props and a MB1260 XL-MaxSonar-EZL0 sonar. The second one is a 880kv motors, 12x45 props and LV-MaxSonar-EZ4 sonar. Both on the latest firmware compiled in arduino-0022, 2.0.35 and uploaded t

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Yaw and loiter issues 2.0.28 (Video)


My copter is the default Arducopter frame and setup (motors, escs, etc, from DIY Store!). I had my initial flights over the last few days and today i focused mainly on trying to get Alt-Hold and Loiter working.


I have the "MB1260 XL-MaxSonar-EZL0 Hi

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Damaged APM, I messed up


While soldering the pads on a new APM (the 3 filter pads) my soldering iron slipped and dislodged a surface mount component. I thought i would be able to repaid this, i was wrong.


Please see the attached photo. The blue arrow points to the component

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