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Arducopter Level Procedure

I have a question about the level procedure:

Since my AP is not that easily removed from my frame, how perfectly square should I hold the 'copter in the various attitudes?

For example, when it says hold the APM on it's left side, is it important that I

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Camera Protection

Does anyone have any suggestions on protecting camera gear slung under my quad copter?  Is sturdy landing gear the best one can do?

Any tips/suggestions?

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Is it fixable

My Ardupilot 2.5 board experienced a fairly hard crash in my plane.  I can see that the board is physically bent near the USB port (very slightly, but visible nevertheless).

When I connect to the APM, it does not see the dataflash card.  When I press

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When Fail-safe causes Failure

I recently upgraded my Turnigy 9x radio with the FR-SKY DHT-U radio module. This upgrade gave me access to quite a bit of extra functionality, telemetry, range check and fail-safe. Stuff you don't have with the stock radio.

The 9x doesn't usually have

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Onboard log GPS time format?

I have written a small Java program that uses the Telemetry logs to automatically reject photos that were taken at high bank angles.

I was hoping to get better time resolution with the on-board logs and want to enable the software to use either the on

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Airspeed weirdness nearly causing crash

When I switch on the APM and leave it, it shows zero airspeed after calibration. Then every now and again, the airspeed value will jump up a bit and stay there. It does this going higher and higher.

At one stage it showed 50m/s airspeed. At this fake

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Tuning climb rate

My current problem is that the AP uses way too much power to climb, whilst not really climbing effectively.

It maintains maximum power, while not pitching up much.  This results in it flying faster than it's target speed, while not really climbing muc

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APM 2.5 Voltage Sensing

Hi all,

If I'm only interested in checking the level of my main batteries, do I really need the voltage and current sensor?  Or is it possible to use a resistor to bring down the voltage to below 5V and then calibrate via parameters to get the correct

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Have Uno, what else do I need?

Hi all,

I have an Arduino Uno board available and want to know whether I can use this as part of a full AP and FPV setup for an aircraft?  I see lots of information on the mega board on this site, but cannot figure out whether I can get the same sort

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