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Max mag field length--Why A Max?

Why a maximum value of 550? I understand intuitively why there would be a minimum value.

We typically see less than 6% mag field interference, but always get nailed by the max mag field length. Values are typically 680 to 790.

The integrated compass/ma

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Wire Sizing for Your Project

The original Wire Sizing worksheet was for ships with a short life span (world record setters, FPV racers, prototypes, etc). Now the worksheets has been updated to also account for Ampacity.

Ampacity takes into account the long-term life of the wire a

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250 Racer Propeller Ratings

An update of the latest tests.The winners are 2 of the 3-blade props tested. If you want more speed, then choose the one with the highest top end. Response? Then chose the 6x4-3 Gemfan.

Thrust is in terms of excess thrust after lifting itself at 14.8

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250 Racer Rotor Tests

Results of testing 15 props for 250 size quad racers.

Background--A 250mm diagonal quad racer is becoming the emerging standard for FPV racing.

Requirements--The requirements for a quad racer are:

  - speed

  - acceleration

  - (not efficiency as time mar

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Building a 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro

The following steps were taken to build a light-weight responsive 3-axis gimbal for the GoPro.  I'll cover:

I    Requirements

II   Design

III  Build

IV  Test

V   Performance

Background:  The next duration ship needed to be a video and camera platform. The

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