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Flying close to HV power lines

Does anyone have experience flying in close proximity (within 4 metres) to High Voltage power lines? Specifically 110kv towers.

I have read that the lines can output a certain amount of RF, but I'm not sure what the nature of this RF is, and if it wou

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Loss of radio control

I had my first loss of control crash today, I'm running 2.91 on an APM2.5 quad.

I'm using a frsky module in a turnigy 9x radio running er9x, and the receiver is a D8RII+ running the new 27ms firmware in PPM mode. I have had about 10 hours of trouble f

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57600 or 115200 baud?

I see that with the latest firmware, the 3DR radios default to 57600 baud rate. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to setting them to 115200? Less range or reliablility?


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Crius ALL IN ONE PRO Flight Controller v1.0

I see rctimer is selling these for $63, and it looks to have pretty similar hardware spec to the APM2. It says that it supports Multiwii and MegapirateNG code.

After my oilpan died the other day, this looks like a worthy secondary board to have a go w

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Compass spins and behaves eratically

My compass has just started to spin in Mission Planner, and provide erratic readings, however if I go into CLI and run the compass test, it says that its holding its heading perfectly. I can't fly with the compass doing this, as it messes with the ya

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Broken telemetry port on oilpan

I've come across an issue lately where my minimosd stopped working after a firmware upgrade, and i'm beginning to think that the root cause of the issue is that my telemetry rx and tx pins on the oilpan are broken. There's no voltage if I measure bet

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Tricopter slow yaw oscillation

Over the last couple of flights I've been getting a reasonably small, but significant oscillation of my yaw when no stick input is provided. It yaws for about a second in either direction. If I input a slight amount of yaw using the stick, it will st

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