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Tricopter yaw issues

I've just built a tricopter using Tim Nilson's Delrin kit, but I can't get my yaw to work properly. It seems like the servo is only using a very small amount of its travel, and it doesn't feel like it yaws all that quickly as a result. It will also y

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roll and yaw swapped after flashing er9x

I've just flashed my tx with er9x, and after setting everything up, my left stick is controlling roll, and my right stick is controlling yaw. I need to have yaw on my left stick and roll on the right stick.

From what I can see, everything is set up co

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Slow to get GPS 3d fix (if at all)

I'm having a problem getting a GPS 3d fix. Sometimes it will take a few minutes before it even gets one satellite, and I can sometimes wait another 10 minutes and it doesn't get any more in that time, and no 3d fix. I had 3 10 minute flights today wi

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Bad motor or ESC (or something else)?

I've just started to encounter an issue with my quad, where motors 2 and 3 will continue to beep after the initial 3 short and 1 long beep, as if the radio wasn't calibrated.

If I spin or move them by hand while they are doing this, they will eventual

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Quad rolls to the right

I have managed to get my quad somewhat up and running today, but I still cannnot get anything even close to stable flight without roll stick input. It's a stock arducopter 3dr kit running APM1 with an atmega2560.

Takeoff requires about 20% left roll i

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Another arducopter flips on takeoff thread.

I've got a stock 3dr kit that I've just finished putting together, and it tries to flip on takeoff. I'm running x config. Arducopter 2.1 firmware.

I've run through the troubleshooting steps: checked motors with the cli motors command (successfully), m

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