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I'm interested because I've made a quadcopter with apm board



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Hans Baele posted a discussion
My friend has a widows 7 laptop with a good working 1.2.33 mission planner. When I install 1.2.38 or 1.2.40 or the latest version 1.2.93 it runs the installation normally but the application does not run good.mission planner does not show all the…
Feb 9, 2014
Hans Baele posted a discussion
Hi,As I did not succeed to view the acc axis vibration levels in the log browser I've viewed the data in real-time when I was not flying with usb connection.the x-axis and y-axis was +-8  when the quad was not movingbut what surprise me most was the…
Jan 13, 2014
Hans Baele replied to Hans Baele's discussion alt_hold problem
"the quad shoots upwards from a certain heigh(to which I fly in stabilize) not from the ground ofcourse"
Jan 12, 2014
Hans Baele posted a discussion
I've tried alt_hold on a quad w apm 2.5 w firmware 2.9.1As I switch to alt_hold the quad shoots upwardsDo I have to change something?What is the cause?(there was no sonar on the quad)(the gps is an UBLOX)
Jan 12, 2014
Hans Baele posted a discussion
I've compiled and uploaded firmware versus v1.2.9 on apm2.5 but I've not added #define GPS_PROTOCOL GPS_PROTOCOL_UBLOX in apm_conf.h so in my opinion it uses the default protocol MTK (as defined).But in terminal it says ublox OK:so it seems to…
Jan 9, 2014
Hans Baele replied to Steffen Kupka's discussion APM 2.5 Super simple mode on ch7 or ch8
"I've tried simple mode (not super) on ch7 on a 2 position switch and checked radio calibration but when I fly it did not work.
Dit you try simple mode (not super)?"
Sep 8, 2013
Hans Baele posted a discussion
Hi all,I have mp 1.2.70.I go to item terminal.In my version before I saw immediately a cli sign >Now it telsl I have to connect.I click the button connect apm.I get a flow of characters that doesn't stop!After 10 minutes it still flows.To stop it…
Sep 4, 2013
Hans Baele posted a discussion
Hi,Normally if you create a mission with waypoints and a home location with takeoff you have your home location where you armed last your quad. So you place your quad at the exact lacation to takeoff.But if you have no internet at the location where…
Aug 30, 2013