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Trusty Iris+

I had a job yesterday where I just happened to throw the Iris + in the car last minute.  I've been using the Phantom Pro 3 and have a few mapping apps that puts it in almost autonomous flights, I just nudge the landings.  

Nothing was working, I was d

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SkyCatch panel

My husband owns an engineering company & I've been doing this for about a year.  

Thought I'd post the webinar here - It was DPR, Shimmick, AutoDesk & me (GrandView Services) talking about using this for construction & engineering.  I was totally hono

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Gimbal screws

I'm too lazy to go through the threads and see if this has been answered...

I have the Tarot 2D Gimbal and thought I ordered extra screws for the faceplate from Tarot in China, WAY too thick!  I've looked everywhere on-line to order additional screws,

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I had an awful crash last week where the remote totally disconnected from the Iris, showing zero's on the screen.  All in all, I think I can fix the gimbal and the Iris.  I've been trying to re-bind, following the instructions and the video, and it's

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