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What is the status of 3DR radios?

A user reported on this forum a 3DR representative announcing 3DR is stopping the 433 and 915 radios. I assume this is incorrect information or is it? Can a 3DR official give the real status?

If 3DR really stops the radios, what could be reliable repl

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AirbotPower board 3-8S, 150 amps

3689667639?profile=originalHi all,

Following the pre-production annoucement of AirbotPower, with full details here, after many months of tests, production and waiting, I am glad to announce the boards are now ready and availble for shipping.

AirbotPower is an all in one power+PD

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3DR LEA6H vs M8N-XL GPS field comparison


I flew this summer repeatedly with my X8 setup with two GPS : a 3DR LEA6H and a M8N-XL (Drotek):


Browsing though the log files I was amazed how better the M8N-XL performed vs the smaller 3DR LEA6H. I selected random one of those flight logs to show

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