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James replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion APMrover2 2.42 released in ArduRover User Group
"Hello, does ArduRover support encoders, I want to drive my rover where gps is not available/ inaccurate.
Also what kind of support do you have for the optical flow sensor, can it follow a white line for example.

Also when I power rover up and arm…"
Sep 15, 2013
James replied to James's discussion Is the PX4FMU (Flight Management Unit) suitable as an autopilot on its own
"If anyone cares:
Yes the FMU will be ok on its own.
it can take PPM signal no problem, but no failsafe and can control servos ok."
Sep 14, 2012
James posted a discussion
Hello, firstly sorry if this question has been answered but I tried searching and didn't find an answer.My question; is the PX4FMU (Flight Management Unit)   the bare basics I need for autpilot.I read I also need PX4IO (Input/Output module)This…
Sep 12, 2012
James replied to Bim's discussion jDrones motor and ESC with a computer PSU for battery
"This is how I power 4 20a escs.. I just cut one of the spare plugs off connect the yellow 12v and black ground, computer PSUs are designed to power very sesitive equipment they will shutdown if you draw to much power, short wieres etc so you should…"
Feb 28, 2012