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Jamie replied to Brian Veenker's discussion Oscillating altitude in loiter/auto/etc using simonk ESC's
"Try dropping the value of THR_ACCEL_P. I had a similar problem with a big hexacopter, the motors would keep surging in loiter. I had to drop the value to 0.25. 
I think this is an oscillation in the z-direction, similar to an oscillation in roll or…"
Sep 8, 2014
Jamie replied to Jamie's discussion Flyaway 3.1.5 switching auto to stabilize
"Would a negative altitude reading cause a fly away when switching from auto to stabilize?"
Jul 3, 2014
Jamie posted a discussion
Hi,Had a major flyaway and crash today - AC 3.1.5. Copter was completing a land waypoint in an auto mission, and I switched to stabilize. As soon as I switched to stabilize the copter pitched forward hard.I actually left it for a second or two to…
Jul 2, 2014
Jamie commented on UAS_Pilot's blog post 3DR X4 with inverted Motors
"Hanging weight should not make a difference.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pendulum_rocket_fallacy"
May 14, 2014
Jamie replied to Parker Stephen's discussion Question for those who film with a GoPro and the Tarot 2D Gimbal
"I had the same problem, and bought one of these

You still need to take shave a little bit off the corner with a sharp blade to get it to go in easily. Now I just hook up to USB…"
May 13, 2014
Jamie posted a discussion
At the moment the control for gimbals (Servo or Brushless) is to provide a PWM output that 'should' correspond to an a servo position or brushless controller angle.It would be great if the APM community could define a mechanism for gimbal sensors or…
Mar 17, 2014
Jamie posted a discussion
Hi,I have just finished building a hexacopter (FY680) and am using an APM 2.5 with the latest stable firmware. Looking at the logs, it seems that the APM is sending a higher value to the ESCs for the counter clockwise props than the clockwise ones.…
Mar 11, 2014