Mililani, HI

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I am a pilot that loves to build things.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have always loved RC models of all sorts. This is a great extension of that wonderful Hobby.



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Jason Robert commented on Shannon Morrisey's blog post Arduino Satellite Tracker
"this is very cool.  Can this be use to drive two servos on a gimbal and keep an antenna pointed at a given satellite at all times even if the antenna is moving around?  I am very interested in this project you have here.  thank you for sharing."
Jul 27, 2013
Jason Robert replied to Sourav Jena's discussion Design of a Blended wing Body(BWB) flying wing
"I would love to work on a BWB.  I think they are very attractive and they have allot to offer.  Tell me some of your specs and I can see what I can do with you on this.  

Jul 27, 2013
Jason Robert commented on Sandro Benigno's blog post UAV from Draganfly - weird design but interesting technical approach
"With all due respect to everyone here, as far as efficiency goes, this design was first adopted by Burt Rutan with the Quickie aircraft. That aircraft is arguably the most efficient plane he ever put on the market. I am not saying that I know…"
May 5, 2010
Jason Robert replied to Chris Anderson's discussion Discussion forum for a community-designed UAV airframe
"So it seems that this entire system should be able to be modular and maybe even scalable with the ability to handle as many different tasks as possible. (I know that sounds elementary)

Some ideas I had are simple things like:
-having the wings have…"
Apr 5, 2010
Jason Robert replied to Jason Robert's discussion Gas powered TriCopter?
"Good point with the RPM gov and the vari pitch. I was kinda thinking the same thing. I have seen a few Electrics that are done with Vari pitch heads too. They work nice. That might be a good way to start out and see if it works.


Jason in…"
Apr 3, 2010
Jason Robert posted a discussion
I have built a few Helis in the past but never a Tri or Quad Copter.  They seem very cool.  Has anyone heard of or thought about a Gas powered TriCopter?  It seems like it would work, and now I really want to try.  I have not come up with a good…
Apr 3, 2010
Jason Robert replied to Jason Robert's discussion In Flight Programming
"Ok so I am trying to understand how this all works. So if I have a ground station can I make changes to the flight plan of my UAV without having to land and plug in? Can I use a Cell Modem to stay connected and then just send a new flight plan to…"
Apr 3, 2010
Jason Robert posted a discussion
Hey Guys,I need to build a Camera mount that is stabilized in all 3 axis.  Can anyone give me some assistance with this project?  I Need to use an IMU, and I will build the actuall hardware myself no problem.  I just dont know how to program and…
Mar 13, 2010
Jason Robert posted a discussion
I am building a medium sized UAV that I need to be able to reprogram in flight.  I will admit, I really dont know anything about how these auto pilots work and so I will be needing some assistance from all of you.  I will be running on board long…
Mar 7, 2010
Jason Robert left a comment for Lael Bythrow
"I dont know how to make this email system work. Too complex for me. Send me a mail at jasonjet25@earthlink.net
Yes I love Hawaii, I am on Oahu working out of Honolulu as the Asst. Chief Pilot for a Cargo Airline out here Called TransAir. Hawaii is…"
Jan 12, 2009
Jason Robert left a comment for Lael Bythrow
"As in Lael from Tacoma?"
Jan 12, 2009
Jason Robert posted a discussion
So I want to build this auto pilot that is the point of this group and so is there a list of parts to buy and the layout? I found the boards for sale but I dont know wich ones to buy. And it seems that someone has some of the parts needed but how do…
Dec 7, 2008
Jason Robert posted a discussion
I want to make a Gimbal mount for my boat that will stay leveled wherever I put it. The Boat pitches and rolls but I dont want the camera to. Does anyone have some designs or know how to connect a gyro to servos to make this happen? I could really…
Dec 4, 2008
Jason Robert left a comment for Curt Olson
"Thats awesome. I will find time to sit down with you if your coming out here. I would love to learn more about some of this stuff. Let me know when your going to be here.

Dec 1, 2008
Jason Robert replied to Rick's discussion Medium sized UAV
"I am looking to somthing similar in scope it seems and I will be building my own aircraft. I think our needs will be similar. I have built many experimental aircraft in the past as well as serviced many helicopters. I am thinking something like a…"
Dec 1, 2008
Jason Robert posted a discussion
Hello everyone. I am a new member to your group and I love what you have done here. I am hoping to build a Drone that can go out and provide some fishing assistance to my fishing charter buddies. They want a birds eye view of the waters to look for…
Dec 1, 2008