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Jay Kickliter posted a discussion
I was out at sea on a cable layer for a few months, so I've been away from micros for a while. I like the progress that's been made using DCM. I'd like to implement a Propeller Chip DCM object using assembly. Before I start, is anyone already…
Jul 10, 2009
Jay Kickliter posted a discussion
Has there been anymore thought about changing the image on this site? Having spent six years in the military, I'm not offended my the military motif on this site. But, at the same time, it might give people the wrong impression of what it is about.…
Mar 2, 2009
Jay Kickliter posted a discussion
What is the usual method for steering a flying wing UAV? The only idea I could come up with us steering by adding roll, and maintaing pitch. My best guess: since the center of lateral resistance is a behind the center of gravity, the plane will pant…
Feb 19, 2009
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Jan 5, 2009
Jay Kickliter posted a discussion
Hi All,Just signed up here. I'm currently working on a high-altitude ballon project based on a Propeller chip. The revised board is off to be fab'ed, and most of the equipment is procured. Conservatively, it should be ready for flight in 2-3…
Dec 5, 2008