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Copter lost control in loiter

so my quad lost control in loiter.  I was flying it for the 5th time just hovring around, flipped it into loiter and it started pitching forward.  So much so i went back to atti and brought it to the ground.  The mission planner started screaming "er

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Multistar 5200 batts

I picked up a few of these Multistar 5200 batteries.  Had an incident with the battery that came with my plus and lets just say im lucky i used a lipo bag.  

What are peoples experiences with these?  Im getting about 9 minutes with a gimbal, fatshark

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voltage in readout wrong

When i put a freshly charged battery in my iris + it reads 11.9 volts in droidplanner and on my minimosd. Now i know voltage sag happens but this isnt even armed. Any ideas? In mission planner i have the 3dr 4 in 1 esc power module selected with 5200

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4 in 1 esc replacement

For some reason my ESC stopped working.  If i plug in a battery nothing.  If i plug in a spare power module to my pixhawk everything lights up and i can connect via mavlink.  

Where can I buy a replacement??

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Minimosd Black screen of doom

So i bought a minimosd direct from 3dr.  First time ive done this.  I wired it up to be powered off of the flight controller (pixhawk) and just have video and ground running through the video side like i always have.  No video is coming out.  Even wh

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pixhawk pitch revearse

I maidened my pixhawk quad today.  Immediately i noticed pitch was backwards and fixed it in my transmitter.  Now when I go to the radio calibration menu in mission planner it shows up as backwards when i give the sticks input.  The quad flies fine i

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