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Show your stacks!

I was just curious to see how different people had their APMs and other electronics arranged and mounted, so please join in by posting pictures of your setup.  Also, I'd like ideas on mounting the 3DR radio because they way I have it now I'm worried

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RTL aggressiveness in 2.9

Is there any way to tune down the aggressiveness of the RTL in 2.9?  With 2.8 I was used to it heading back to launch rather slowly and gently and with 2.9 it does that steep yaw turnaround and comes back really fast, making it quite a nerve racking

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arducopter B vs. C

I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions or comments on the way the C frame feels in the air compared to the 3" wider A and B frames as far as stability, resistance to wind, etc.

I built and have been flying a frame that copies all the dimensio

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LiPo discharge voltage / quad run time

I've been doing test flights with my quad for a couple weeks now using 3S 2200mAh 20C batteries.  Admittedly the first few flights I was running the battery down to the point it wouldn't lift off the ground anymore (about 10 minutes of messing around

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